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Practical Beauty Tips for Women on the Go

Picture it: It's 7:30 p.m. and you're still at your desk. You have to be at a soiree in 30 minutes, but you look tired with puffy and droopy eyes, disappearing makeup and clothes that give off the impression that you don't own an iron. What are you to do?


Picture it: It's 7:30 p.m. and you're still at your desk, working on your presentation, pitch, PowerPoint or press release. You can hear the crickets in the office, but you're on roll. You're a hard working, money making, idea generating machine. As you bop along to the music streaming from your Grooveshark playlist, you're feeling good... You're thinking to yourself, "I"m a star... I'm the employee of the decade.. I'm going places..." Suddenly, you notice your Blackberry/iPhone light up. You see the time and stare blankly at the numbers, thinking, "Is it really 7:30? Oh my gawddddddd.... Nooooooooo."

Of course, you lost track of time and now you have no time to go home. You have to be at a soiree in 30 minutes. You rush to the bathroom and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You may have felt as fresh as a daisy just moments before, but the reality is you look tired with puffy and droopy eyes, disappearing makeup, static hair and clothes that give off the impression that you don't own an iron. What are you to do? How are you to pull yourself together in such a short time frame? You are in luck. Today, I'm sharing practical tips to go from frumpy and fatigued to fabulous and fiery. It's all in the little secrets...

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Need to get rid of hair static? Squeeze a few drops of your hand/body moisturiser in the palm of your hands and rub together. Dry for a minute and then run your hands through your hair. The moisture will help get rid of the static.

Need instant volume? Change how you part your hair. Switch it up and let the hair fall a different way. It will give you an instant boost.

ADD TO YOUR MAKEUP BAG: Dryer sheets. When in a rush, rub dryer sheets on your hair to get rid of flyaways. Bonus: you'll smell laundry fresh.

EXTRA TIP: If you aren't getting anywhere with big bouncy hair, take off your socks and create the perfect bun. Easy as pie right?


Need to get rid of puffy eyes? Go to the fridge and grab some ice. Put it in a plastic bag and place it under your eyes for a few minutes. Instant eye lift.

Need to get rid of oily complexion? Grab a small square of toilet paper and press on your T-zone to get rid of the oil. Works as well as blotting paper.

ADD TO YOUR MAKEUP BAG: Clear tape. If you have dry skin on your lips, use the tape as an exfoliant.

EXTRA TIP: I know this is going to make some of you think I'm crazy but when I have no makeup and I am desperate for a dabble of eye shadow or a puff of blush, I go to Sephora or even Shoppers Drug Mart. I "test" a product or two and before you know it, I'm ready to party.


Need to iron out some wrinkles without an iron or a hot shower? Two ideas. If you or a colleague keep a hair straightener, then you're in luck. You can use it to iron out minor wrinkles. Or, use the office kettle to steam your garment.

Need to stop a run in your hosiery or tighten a loose button? If you haven't heard of the magical powers of clear nail polish, you will be amazed. Apply the polish immediately on the run and wait for it to dry. You can also brush clear polish on loose buttons to hold off any accidental popping.

Need to stop your purse from falling off your shoulder? Run to the dollar store and grab self adhesive furniture strips. Tape under the handle and your purse will stay put on your shoulder.


Need to smell fresh? If you don't have deodorant handy, then grab some paper towels and lather up with soap in the bathroom. Then gently wipe your under arms.

Need fresh breath? If gum isn't cutting through the tuna melt from lunch, then eat some yogurt. If you're on a low carb diet, eat a banana. Both help to get rid of the bad breath. You should also drink water to avoid bad breath due to a dry mouth.

Need to clean your fingernails? You can use paper clips to clean underneath. Moisturize to keep them looking healthy.

EXTRA TIP: If you're in a hurry for your nail polish to dry, spray it with a coat of cooking spray. Wait for it to dry for a few minutes!

You should keep a bag of essentials at your work desk drawer in case of last minute emergencies. Here is a handy list of what I keep at the office:

- Under eye cover. My fave is from MAC.

- Blush. Everyone loves Nars Orgasm.

- Eye liner. Don't go cheap. Go for long lasting.

- Hand cream. I really like this one. Smells like vacation.

- Tide To Go pen.

- Mini rollerball perfume. So many to choose from.

- Hair ties/pins.

- Nail polish remover pads.

- Mini hairspray.

- Mini mouthwash.

Do you have an essentials bag at your desk? What are your best products? Would love to hear.

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