02/22/2012 01:59 EST | Updated 04/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Neon Brights: How to Wear Spring's Hottest Trend to Work


Despite the brief appearance of snow and a dip in temperatures, you may be feeling a spring in your step already. Walking around on Bloor Street in Toronto and window shopping, you'd think spring's arrival was imminent. Bright watermelon reds, deep sea corals, canary bird yellows and electric turquoises all made me want to shed my winter coat and the winter blahs and find a seat on a patio. Alas, we do have a few more weeks of winter. So what's with all the neon you ask? Well, it is the "it" colour this season. Big, bold, bright hues in every shade you can imagine. Of course, the majority of Canadians not working as fashion editors or stylists might be too intimidated to wear it to work, including me. So I decided to figure out subtle ways to incorporate this trend into my work wardrobe and feel confident walking down the street -- without resembling Big Bird. Here are some helpful tips on how you can embrace your inner Popsicle and make your colleagues neon green with envy.

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Neon Fashion

Go for a single solid colour

The truth is not everyone can pull off head-to-toe neon and feel confidant walking down the street. Don't try too much too soon. Start with a single solid colour that you already love. I'm a big fan of purple, for example. While shopping, look for a shade that is one or two tones brighter than what you'd normally wear. It's all about making a smooth transition from one shade to the next.

Match with colours you are comfortable with

Once you're comfortable with the brighter shade, don't attempt to match it to other bright colours or patterns. Instead try to match it to classic colours that you already have in your closet. Black, navy, white, brown for starters. If you wear suits everyday, then it's as simple as a bright coloured tank under the jacket. Throwing on a cardigan or a jean jacket will help to tone the colour down. You'll still pop. Don't worry.

These are not the '80s neons

When you hear the word "neon" you might automatically think of the 1980s and shudder at the thought of buying anything resembling that decade. The 2012 neons are different. They are grown-up, modern, soft and feminine. Don't automatically assume tacky colours. Peruse online and shop around. There is plenty of choice and a plethora of hues.

Don't forget to accessorize

One of the best ways to introduce pops of colour is through bags, shoes, jewellery, and watches, to name a few. Consider investing in a brightly coloured scarf to throw on with everything. Or wear a pair of bright socks with boots and roll up your jeans to show just a bit of colour. Go for neon pink sheer pantyhose. The possibilities are endless.

Try a graphic pattern with hints of neon

Look for patterns that combine classic colours with pops of neon throughout. This is a sure way to incorporate the trend in your wardrobe without feeling like the spotlight is on you.

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