Why You Should Start Writing 'Thank You' Notes

Whatever the reason the bulk of people are no longer sending written "Thank You notes," this new trend should be turned around.
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With another holiday season behind us, it seems that now is the ideal time to address something I find has unfortunately become a trend in today's busy world: the lost art of sending "Thank You" notes.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that your attendance at a bridal/baby shower, engagement party, or wedding, no longer comes with the tradition of a "Thank You" note for the gift you thoughtfully put together?

When it first happened, I thought it was an oversight. Surely people hadn't stopped saying "Thank You," formally? Until that first instance a few years ago, a hand written thank you note seemed to me a natural follow up, for not only attending a celebration, but also for bringing a gift. Over time, the more formal events I attended, the less "Thank You" notes I received. I had no idea that the art of the "Thank You" note was being traded in, by some, in favour of time-saving.

Whatever the reason the bulk of people are no longer sending written "Thank You" notes,this new trend should be turned around. I firmly believe if you have the time to plan a shower, an engagement party, or a wedding, you have the time to thank people for joining your celebration and treating you on your special day. In fact, I'm even willing to let go of the need for that "Thank You" note to be handwritten. At this point, I'd even be happy to receive it in my email inbox, the same way so many people are now sending wedding invites. It is the digital age after all! I just wish the art form of saying thank you formally would make a comeback.

My eldest daughter was just married in October 2017. She knew from the get-go that if she was planning to accept people's gifts, then she must take the time to sit down and write out thank you notes to each person who took the time to not only attend her shower and wedding, but who also took the care and thoughtfulness to purchase gifts for both occasions.

Receiving a thank you note lets the gift giver know that you appreciate their generosity, and everyone likes to feel acknowledged and appreciated. I can't say that I've received a thank you note for every celebration that I've been part of in the past few years, and I didn't want my daughter to be part of that trend.

For new parents of all ages; it's not too late to instill the art of writing thank you notes in your children.

I feel in our modern, busy world it's important to extend generosity and thankfulness where it is due. It is also good for our souls to sit quietly for extended periods of time participating in traditional rituals, such as writing instead of typing. Taking us back to simple tasks, that are slow and methodical rather than rushed and harried. It seems to me that we're living in a time when so many people have become okay with certain traditions being upheld, while happily letting go of others. But, I believe that our society as a whole has so much to benefit from people outwardly expressing their gratitude to one another. It's never too late to become that person who sends a simple "Thank You" note. I know firsthand that it will be appreciated beyond words, and I'm confident that I'm not alone in feeling this way.

For new parents of all ages; it's not too late to instill the art of writing thank you notes in your children. You can start the practice by having them write to teachers, family and friends. We all like to feel appreciated, and it brightens our days to receive unsolicited, unexpected kindness from strangers and loved ones alike, so why not begin today actively sending some of this good mojo around? Think of something that somebody did for you that really touched you and turned your day around, and let them know with a little handwritten "Thank You" note. Then, sit back and watch what happens in your life when you start throwing gratitude around toward people when they least expect it.

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