11/24/2014 05:10 EST | Updated 01/24/2015 05:59 EST

Why I Love This New Photo App (and Device)

I'm a photo fiend. I'm literally obsessed with taking photos, sharing photos with family and friends, and revisiting photos. I'm also paranoid about making sure those photos are safe. When my kids were little, I used to back up my pictures on an external drive and burn a backup copy to CD's (told you I was obsessed!). If any of this resonates with you, you are going to love this device!

LyveMinds entered the marketplace in late spring 2014 with the launch of their LyveApp and LyveHome device and it's been photo peace of mind ever since. They truly seem to have thought of everything a paranoid mom or general picture lover could want and rolled it all up into one sleek looking device.

This summary of features should convince you why you can't live without this device. Ok, maybe you can live without it, but quite frankly why would you want to?

Let's start with their completely free LyveMinds app. Yup. Free indeed. Available both on IOS and Android.

How does it work?

1) Install the LyveMinds app on all of your devices. From ipads and other tablets, to phones and computers (PC or MAC). Lyve then starts compiling all of your pictures and videos from all of these devices into the app. Want to ignore certain photos? You can even tell it what directories to search on your computer to find the pictures you specifically want. Personally, I love the second option as Lyve managed to find a series of videos and pictures of my children from when they were younger that I was sure were lost. (Now you know why I started burning CD's as backups!)That was priceless to my family.

2) Share pictures with your family or friends. Directly within the app. Simply check off the pictures or videos you want to share and quickly send off to friends, family or to your social media accounts.

3) It is constantly updating your app with the newest pictures it has collected.

4) It allows you to take pictures from directly within the app.

So that's a brief overview of the app...but wait! There's more! No this is not an infomercial.

LyveMinds were also genius enough to develop storage devices. They have two different sized ones, but for this review we will focus on their LyveHome device.

LyveHome sports a very appealing 2TeraBytes of space to hold your photos and videos. For those of you who read terabytes the same way you read gibberish, here's a good correlation for you:

I currently have over 41,000 pictures and 1900 videos on my LyveHome device and I still have 81% of my device available for additional files. That's a lot of pictures and a lot of additional space to grow with your family.

Some of LyveHome's other key features include:

1) The device works with the app so all of the pictures that you have collected in the app will now be stored and backed up on the device for easy access. (side note: in case of a fire, after of course ensuring my family is safe, I simply have to grab LyveHome to make sure my memories are all safe).

2) The device allows up to 3 different users to share the storage within one single Lyve device. All while maintaining your picture privacy and keeping the pictures secure in individual accounts.

3) You can directly import photos and videos stored on memory cards, flash drives and cameras through a USB port or the SD card slot.

4) It allows you to import your photos and videos directly from facebook.

5) t's a beautiful, modern looking sleek design that has a touchscreen LCD which displays your pictures and the time.

All that in one device.

So start enjoying the memories you've made over the years and make Lyve part of your plan to keep your memories safe and secure for years to come.