11/24/2015 01:47 EST | Updated 11/24/2016 05:12 EST

The Top Geek Gifts for the Techie in your life

Our editorial team at PTPA Media had the opportunity to evaluate some pretty amazing tech that is making waves and will definitely be leaving its mark for 2015. No need to wait for the Consumer Electronics Show to get all geeky and excited about tech.

We've got you covered from virtual reality goggles by Merge VR that let you watch a Paul McCartney concert and do a 360 while seeing every aspect of the stage and audience to a meditation headband called Muse that reads your brainwaves to help you become mindful and maybe even a meditation guru.

Need to keep an eye on what you might be missing at home? Then the Logi Circle Home connection camera is your best bet to wirelessly see what's going on from your mobile device and maybe capture your little ones first steps through the recording feature.

Travelling this holiday season? How about the STM backpack that comes with its own built in battery to charge all of your devices simultaneously? Or the MyCharge hubplus with built in Apple Lighting cable and micro-USB cable so no more apple versus android fights over whose charger takes up more room in the suitcase.

Beach vacation? Then you definitely need the Fugoo Style XL waterproof speaker with a 35 hour battery life and a USB port to charge your other devices. With the sweetest sound from 8 acoustic drivers for all of your songza playlists, you will be the hit of the resort.

Of course, no vacation would be complete without the newest GoPro HERO4 camera. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can now watch the Go Pro channel on your mobile device. With the HiLight feature, you can tag your best moments for easy playback later and with the single click of a button, you will never again miss that epic shot.

Staying in the cold this holiday season? Then you will definitely want the Caseco Blu-Toque which allows you to keep your hands in your pocket when pumping gas or walking the dog while providing you with a Bluetooth speaker in your toque. Wirefree with a 10 meter range and compatible with any blue tooth enabled device, there will be no cooler looking Blu-Toque around.

The Roku 3 will provide plenty of entertainment for those cold winter nights with access to your favorite apps for thousands of TV choices. My favorite feature is that while I'm drifting off and my husband is still engaged in whatever movie he is into, he can simply plug in the included headphones into the Roku remote and he gets a great stereo version of the movie and I get to sleep peacefully.

Are you a fitness buff or have someone in your life who is? How about a beautiful watch by Withings which does triple time as a watch, a step/activity tracker and sleep tracker that integrates with apps to track your food and weight. Or the Spire which you wear close to your chest or waist that monitors your activity level but also let's you know when you just need to stop and take a few deep breaths because some calm would do you good. Think of it as a mindfulness coach in your pocket.

Finally no list would be complete without some great ways to protect all of the devices that you will be receiving over the holidays so rush out and order your custom toast! Not the edible kind but the laser engraved beautiful wood case for your newest phone that is customizable with any design you like.

For the newest iPad air owners, you will want to check out the Logi Blok family of cases that have unique square corners able to withstand drops up to 6 feet!

Trying to come up with a unique gift or stocking stuffer for the geek in your life? We think this is a pretty awesome list of the newest, coolest gadgets around that are sure to make the techie in your life smile from ear to ear.

Top Tech Products for the 2015 Holiday Season