02/18/2016 11:31 EST | Updated 02/18/2017 05:12 EST

The Biggest Lie We Can Believe Is That We Are Alone

concept with many interpretation, bisexuality,friendship,love, and so many others
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concept with many interpretation, bisexuality,friendship,love, and so many others

Dear friend,

Today my heart ached for you, and I don't mean that as cliché. I clutched my hands to my chest and winced. There was a grief inside me, shooting down to the deep parts of my love for you. A love, our love, so knowing and intuitive that I can feel your pain miles away, before you even tell me you are feeling it.

And your pains, I know well as you, they are frequent hitchhikers on your path. Burdening you often. I see them too and know their names: hopelessness, overwhelm, oppression, despair.

I know the lies they whisper. The worst one of them all is that you are alone, that you are the only one whose back they weigh down.

The worst thing you can ever feel is that you are all alone. Because my suffering may take different forms, but I have carried these burdens, too. If my load appears light it has not always been. I know the aching pressure of carrying these burdens. Pressure that wells up from your toes, squishes your heart and blankets over your brain. I know the restless idleness of your heart and hands.

I can't carry these things for you and you know that. That is what makes you feel alone. But you aren't, if you let me walk alongside you.

When you feel like there is no hope, I can tell you there is a love and life bigger than this. When you feel overwhelmed, I can remind you of that drowning ocean of grace you need to wade into. When you are facing oppression, from within or without, I will be your biggest defender. When you are in despair, I will offer you love and time. And when you are sick of my encouraging words, I will tread silently beside you.

Because the biggest lie we can believe is that we are alone. This lie shuts us down, blocks out others, isolates us, shames us and perpetuates those heavy feelings and weight of our already hefty burdens.

So don't make another excuse not to call. Pick up the phone, my dear friend. I will listen to your story one more time, and one more time again.

Let me walk alongside you through this season and the next. My love for you has an endless wish for your heart to be drenched in hope and contentment. My love will stand beside you while you slowly shed your weighty load and begin to collect hope and contentment.

Because you are part of my heart, and it is a little lost without being able to glance over and see you. You are a part of me, and I of you, so you will never be alone.

This post first appeared onSimple on Purpose, a site dedicated to the ups and downs of minimalism, intentional living, and honest humour through the eyes of a mom of three toddlers.

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