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Teatox: What A Tea-Based Detox Really Is And Isn't

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Co-Authored with Caitlyn Squires

We've all heard of the ever-so-popular detox programs; whether you're reducing your alcohol consumption, juice cleansing, or simply removing high fat content from your diet, we've all been there, we get it. But, have you heard of North America's biggest detox trend: teatoxing?

Products like Skinny Beautea, Triple Teatox and Thin Tea are few of many products taking this trend by storm.

First, let's talk about what a teatox isn't. A teatox isn't a magical beverage that you can shed and drop pounds with each sip. If you see a company claiming this, question it.

So, what is a teatox?

A teatox is quite simply a tea detox. It is generally a daytime tea and a nighttime tea; both designed to do separate things for your body. The daytime tea helps to increase energy and speed up metabolism, while the nighttime tea cleanses the digestive system and flushes out toxins.

The number one benefit of enjoying a teatox program is that it promotes positive daily habits to help compliment your existing health and wellness goals. This daily habit helps to suppress hunger so that you do not give in to mid-day snacking or sugar cravings, and is an amazing alternative to soda, coffee or sugary drinks. 

Let's dissect a Teatox into it's primary/common ingredients:

Daytime Tea:

  • Yerba mate - Well known for providing an energy boost that is gentle, clean and calm. It naturally speeds up metabolism and assists in curbing those mid-afternoon sugar cravings. Bonus: You will fall in love with the sharp focus yerba mate provides as well.
  • Lemongrass - Boosts the citrus flavour profile while aiding in healthy looking clear skin.

Nighttime Tea:

  • High-quality decaffeinated green tea - Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this tea has powerful effects on the body which include improved brain function, fat loss and a lower risk of certain cancers.
  • Senna Leaf - FDA-approved natural laxative that gently flushes toxins out of your system, reducing bloating and increasing digestion.
  • Licorice Root - Naturally assists in weight reduction while increasing moisture in your skin.
  • Ginger - This natural decongestant not only assists in your overall health but will also reduce muscle pain and soreness from exercise.

Before you dive into that teatox make sure you are fully informed of common misconceptions related to teatoxing.


  • Not to be used as meal replacement. This can be very harmful for your body and is not encouraged.
  • Designed for a 14- to 30-day timeline, prolonged use can cause dependency. Senna leaf has addictive properties which is why it is important to use a teatox as directed.
  • It is not realistic to expect you can drink a tea and lose 30 pounds. Teatoxing is not meant for fast weightloss, it is meant to promote a healthier lifestyle to amplify the efforts you are doing to promote weightloss.
  • When used as directed, teatoxes can be a safe and healthy way of enhancing your current health and wellness goals. I believe in putting your body first naturally, though. If your body doesn't react the way it should during a teatox, then don't continue taking it.

All ingredients above can be found in the Triple Teatox program, and are natural and free of added/artificial sugars offering peace-of-mind knowing you are doing your body some good.

If you're considering enjoying a teatox, this is the perfect time of year to dive into one of this years' biggest health trends. Spring is finally here! Why not get some internal spring cleaning done as we are all thinking about summer clothing, days at the beach and so much more!

If a teatox can begin developing some healthy habits to keep the motivation/inspiration going well after summer is over, it can be a great way to kickstart those wellness goals.

To find more about teatox programs and other fantastic everyday blends, visit Tease Tea.

Happy Sipping.

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