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Use Facebook To Build An Engaged Client Email List

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The good news is yes you can!

Right now building an engaged email list directly from your Facebook efforts is one of the easiest things to do.

Why Build an Email List?

Remember that likes and engagement alone won't build you a sustainable business -- you do need them to grow your business, but they won't necessarily fill your bank account on their own.

What they do, though, is show a tremendous amount of social proof about you and your business, and getting more people to see your page and posts results in even more people seeing your page and posts.

You need social proof to build your business, but on its own? It's not worth much. So getting people to give you their email address is the next step in building a sustainable business.

So how do we do that?

There are some specific steps I have taken over and over again that work for almost any industry that can short cut this process for you, and I'm going to share them with you today.

1) Know who your ideal customers are and what their biggest struggle is better than they do.

Dig deep and get more info than your standard avatar. Find out what makes your ideal clients tick, find out what they struggle with and, most importantly, find out what their biggest dreams are -- their biggest WHY -- and then find out why they aren't achieving it yet. Be the answer to that.

2) Create a high value free product worth $100, to give away.

Now, WOW them with your wisdom and genius! Let yourself shine. Don't hold back, share your wealth of information. How it's delivered -- whether it's a blog post, e-book, PDF report, video series or webinar -- isn't as important as the value of the content. Make sure it's perceived value is around $100 to your ideal client.

3) Create a landing page to collect email addresses.

Use a third-party app like to create professional-looking landing pages in minutes with their incredibly easy to use templates. Use an image that speaks to your ideal client and creates an emotional response for them. Ask them a question, be succinct and to the point, and then give them the call to action to claim their free gift!

4) Use Facebook to drive your ideal customer to the landing page.

Create a post on your Facebook page, include the link to your landing page, speak to your dream client and make sure to let them know you are the answer to their struggle -- then direct them to your landing page. Run an ad to that post, targeting your ideal client and watch the leads roll in.

5) Use smart email marketing techniques to deepen your relationship with them.

After people claim your free gift, make sure you have a sequence of emails written that will deepen that relationship and let them know you know what you are talking about. Drive them to your website, to your Facebook page, share more valuable content, ask them questions, survey them to get to know them better and get them to purchase more products and services from you.

So there, you have my five steps to building an engaged email list directly from Facebook. Follow these steps over and over to achieve the business success you seek and grow a loyal following of raving fans.

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To your Facebook Success!

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Social Media Minder

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