11/23/2016 07:30 EST | Updated 11/23/2016 07:30 EST

On Giving Tuesday, No Gift Is Too Small

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The best part about caring is knowing that no matter what, you will always make a difference.

It is always an honour and privilege for me to be able to participate in the Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre because I know I am giving the gift of hope. This past September, I participated in OneWalk for the second time as a gift to honour the memory of my late father, Paul Flumian who lost his battle to cancer last December. Thanks to the generosity of my family and friends, we were able to raise $14,000 for The Princess Margaret. We designated our funds raised to genitourinary cancers.

As a young child, my parents always instilled in me the importance of giving - the importance of spreading love and making the world a better place. It is with great pride, passion and enthusiasm that I continue to acknowledge the relevance of what my parents taught me.

On November 29th, I invite you to join me in a global initiative that encourages everyone to donate to a campaign for which they care about: Giving Tuesday. While you may be tired from taking advantage of the many great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I am confident that you won't be too fatigued to step up and make a difference with your donation.

This Giving Tuesday, I will sign up for the 2017 Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer because I believe we can rally together to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

Parents, I know you care. I know you care because you've chosen to bring life into this beautiful world. As a daughter, I know firsthand how influential you are. Take the time to sit down with your children and teach them the importance of giving. We are so fortunate to live the lives we have - let's share this blessing by helping to improve the lives of others.

Teachers, I know you care. I know you care because you've dedicated your life to shaping the future by developing young minds. As a student, I know firsthand how influential you are. Remember to bring kindness into your classroom by encouraging your school community to make a difference. It does not matter how much, or what you give, so long as you are giving.

Doctors and nurses, I know you care. I know you care because you've proven that helping the sick brings you the greatest satisfaction. As a family member of a former patient, I know firsthand how impactful and kind you are. You helped my family during a difficult time - and I know how much you still support and care for families just like mine. Please acknowledge your colleagues for their commitment and encourage one another to extend your gratitude beyond the confines of your practice.

While the Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is a one-day event, I've always acknowledged it is a year-long initiative bringing people across Canada together to support one of the world's top five cancer research centres. This Giving Tuesday, I pledge to join the movement by donating to a cause dear to my heart. Don't give to be acknowledged. Give because you care - I know you do.

Visit to register and donate.

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