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How To Become An Individual People Want To Hire

To be recognized in your organization and even in your industry, you must state explicitly what is about you that makes you unique; what the value is you can bring; and how it can contribute to your organization. There are various ways to get your point across -- here are four of the best.

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Whether your goal is to be noticed by headhunters or simply move up in your company, it is obvious that developing your personal brand is essential. If you do not yourself recognize what your main professional strengths are, then it is unlikely others will guess them!

Anyone can promote their own personal brand

Even at work, you have a personal brand, a characteristic that makes you special, unique, while at the same time you are representing yourself as an asset for your organization.

What are the qualities and strengths that your colleagues admire in you?

What are the activities and challenges at which you excel?

If you could do only what you can excel at, what challenges would you choose?

Here are 4 simple ways to answer those questions:

1- Be explicit about what makes you special.

To be recognized in your organization and even in your industry, you must state explicitly what is about you that makes you unique; what the value is you can bring; and how it can contribute to your organization.

As William Arruda (Guru of Personal Branding) points out, your brand must be authentic. If you are passionate about something and always full of energy for it, then it should be part of your personal brand. If you have not tried it already, take time to think about what makes you different from your colleagues: the strengths, the passion and the goals that are yours only.

2- Ask for the opinion of trusted colleagues.

It is important to understand how others perceive you. Seek the feedback of your peers, in order get a better idea of the image you project, or what they see in you.

Identify the main aspects that you should emphasize

First, take time to make a shortlist of what makes you unique and then ask colleagues whom you trust, to list the aspects that best describe you. If your list is similar to that of those surveyed, you are the proud master of your personal image. Otherwise, you have work to do in order to develop your personal brand.

Be aware that sending the right message to your circle is paramount. Furthermore, establishing your personal brand is an essential step in attracting the attention of headhunters who recruit for the positions you want. So here is one more reason why you should project the right image!

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room."

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

3- Be coherent and consistent on social networks.

All your activities on social networks also contribute to building your personal brand. Once your choice is made on the image that you wish to convey, make sure the way you write your messages, comments, publications and so on remains consistent with your brand message.

More than ever, platforms such as Linkedin, Google+,, Instagram, WordPress make it easier to promote your expertise to your target audience. A blog to your name can provide you with the flexibility to share inspiring content that clearly demonstrates your unique expertise. Margaret Buj, Head of Digital Recruitment at ConnectDG, recommends that you post content a couple of times a week on platforms like Linkedin and Twitter covering topics that your audience will find interesting and educational, and which will highlight your experience.

Social media provide several avenues to promote your expertise to find new employment opportunities or for career growth in your organization. Enjoy using social media while staying consistent!

4- Promote your brand in person.

Social media is useful, but make sure you complete your approach by promoting your brand in person too. Whether it is while participating in industry events, giving lectures or offering to lead projects that showcase your talents, remember to regularly promote your brand in person.

If you want to successfully stand out among other professionals, the human factor is not just an option but a necessity.

Whether it is to get that promotion you wished for, or simply prepare the ground for the job of your dreams, creating an authentic, compelling and consistent brand will help you attract the attention of talent hunters.

If you want recruiters to read your resume and immediately find what makes you a compelling candidate, don't be afraid to highlight the aspects that emphasize your unique expertise.

By Sonia Desrosiers

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