10/24/2013 05:30 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Day Three of Fashion Week: A Model, Obsessed

Day 3 of my World MasterCard Fashion Week had me model obsessed! Upon arrival for my first show, I was approached by a beautiful model who told me she met me a few years ago at a speaking engagement in Windsor ON. Now sheʼs here in Toronto, backstage at Fashion Week, getting ready for her first ever runway show! What a way to start Day 3 of my fashion week experience!

After that cool model moment, I greeted Christopher Bates and wished him luck, then made my way to the runway to be seated for his show. The collection was certainly standout, but I also couldn't help noticing how beautiful the male models were. I donʼt know whatʼs going on in little oleʼ T-dot, but we are producing some serious male models that could rule the runways worldwide.

I had an hour or so until my next show, so I decided to head back to my hotel suite to take a quick power nap and perform yet another wardrobe change. Could you believe I passed out and missed two shows?!!! This goes to show you just how hectic fashion week can get -- I'm so embarrassed! My apologies to Matthew Gallagher and Triarchy, I can't believe my body failed me during the most important week of the year!

Upon waking, I rushed back to the tents dressed in my fly VAWK coat-dress and met up with Joe Mimran. Joe took one look at me and said, ʻWhy are you not walking in my show?" After making sure he booked me for his next collection, we got in a deep conversation about why he supports Canadian models both here and abroad -- along with discussing the importance of empowering and uplifting one another. My love for Mr. Mimran grew exponentially last night.

Afterwards, I headed to the runway to be seated for the next show, Mackage. Being a massive fan, I was really looking forward to this show! Hold up, I have take a moment out to say -- being seated with Jian Ghomeshi and Glen Baxter for this show was certainly humbling, it took me back to being that little Jamaican girl with big dreams.

Ok, I wonʼt get all teary with you -- back to Mackage! Of course they did not disappoint. I loved their collection! Loved the jackets and died for the metallic short-shorts (which I will get away with). I rushed backstage to meet the designers and spotted one of my fave up-and-coming models, Aluad Anei.

This girl is a prime example of living, eating and sleeping her passion. After my quick meet with Aluad and Mackage, I headed back to the runway to be seated for the finale show, Joe Fresh.

Again, I certainly was not disappointed! I loved the diversity of models in the Joe Fresh show and I was happy to see a HOT selection of Canadians: Jessica Stam, Lisa Winkler, Tara Gill and the bad-ass Grace Mahary (whoʼs been killing it in ALL the top shows around the world -- including Chanel, Prada, Givenchy, Valentino and Lanvin). I was so hyped! The collection had some great pieces that I will definitely be seeking out!

After the show, I devoured one of my fave Jamaican dishes, changed into a cute G-SUS number and headed to the Joe Fresh afterparty. The atmosphere was nothing less than high fashion! From the Greta Constantine duo, beautiful models, fashionistas and even the food (OMG, that peanut butter and chocolate concoction had me twisted!) this was definitely the perfect ending to another perfect day!

Big Fat Jamaican Kiss,