10/23/2013 12:22 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Fashion Week Day 2: Dressed to Kill (Literally) in Stilettos

Compared to the opening hype of the first day at the World MasterCard Fashion Week S/S 2014, day two was surprisingly calm. I was super excited for the collections today, as they were composed of predominately young designers. If you know me at all, you know that I LIVE for the up-and-comers, the newbies, the fresh faces, the talented underdogs.

My first show for the day was Travis Taddeo, a designer that's known for transforming jersey fabrics into sexy avante garde pieces. Before attending his show, Travis surprised me with a super sexy custom jersey dress he had made specifically for me! Of course, I was more than happy to support him, so I rocked it with my Diesel biker jacket and Balmain punk stilettos.

After the show, I decided to change into another outfit. I mean this is fashion week, itʼs all about having fun with fashion (and sometimes suffering with stilettos that kill!)

World Mastercard Fashion Week Day 2

Next up, JNBY, a cool west coast designer making waves in East Asia, France and now the east coast. It was my first time meeting the lovely, business-minded designer. It's really no wonder that he has done so well for himself! He even let me cop 2 dresses I fell in love with from his collection. Iʼm looking forward to much more from JNBY on our side of the world!

Now with a rush of inspiration, fearlessness and fashionable adventurism, I decided to do one last change. I opted for my vintage "Faster by Mark Fast" cat suit (like I said, it's all about having fun with fashion!). Then, I threw on my custom-design fur cape and Nando Muzi heart stilettos -- I was now ready for the Mercedes Benz Start Up competition. For those who may not know, this competition is a national program created to nurture Canada's next generation of fashion designers. I love mens suits, so HD HOMME's designs and gorgeous male models definitely stood out for me! Unfortunately HD HOMME and his fine models didn't win. This year turned out to be a surprise for many, as the committee couldn't choose just one winner. Congratulations to Malorie Urbanovitch and Matiere Noire.

The final show of day 2 at World MasterCard Fashion Week S/S 2014 was Sid Neigum, one of my fave Canadian designers. A young force on the rise. I was head over heels for his black laser pleated mini skirt with matching top and the laser cut finale dress! To my delight, Sid didn't waste any time approaching me after the show, "I want you to wear that and whatever you want from this collection starting tomorrow!"

I'll definitely be holding him to his word.

Until tomorrow,