10/26/2013 06:19 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Day Five Of Fashion Week: Don't Underestimate a Supermodel's Drive

Sooo sad to write my last post for World MasterCard Fashion Week S/S 2014. What an amazing week I've witnessed! I had a WICKED time seeing collections showcasing many Canadian talents including fashion designers, models, stylists, hair and makeup artists.

My final day started off with an appearance on The Social (with fabulous hosts Traci, Cynthia, Melissa and Lainey). I have to say, I definitely missed my right-hand woman, Jessica Allen (a regular correspondent on The Social)!

It was cool being on set and having the ladies show me the ropes. I couldnʼt help but noticing one thing though, their camera crew WERE SOME FINE MEN! FIIIIIINNNNEEEE! Quite frankly, they have the best-looking crew Iʼve ever seen! Can you tell I'm single?

After a fab appearance with the ladies, I headed back to my hotel to relax and unwind before my first show. Next, I decided to rock a preppy look consisting of a sweater skirt, a cool sweatshirt (that was custom-made by a talented designer from Calgary named KaaDiki), a leather shirt and a biker jacket. I was all prepped out and ready to see the up-and coming-designer, Thomas Balint.

As usual, I decided to head back to my suite after Thomas' show and changed my outfit. I chose a cute black-and-white color block dress from my fave bad boy duo, Greta Constantine. Sadly for me, my driver ran late and arrived to pick me up 5 mins before Cara Cheung. I guess I wasnʼt meant to see Cara's collection, as I ended up being stuck in traffic and arrived literally a few minutes after the show started! Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!!

That said, never underestimate the drive of supermodel -- I was able to sneak in and catch a few final pieces. It wasnʼt the same as seeing the entire collection from beginning to end, but I'm still happy to have caught it!

Not wanting to miss any other shows, I decided not to do another change and stayed for the Stephan Caras show. This was my first time seeing his show -- I thoroughly enjoyed the sexiness of the models (especially one of my fave Canadian models, Renee Thompson -- who glided her way down the runway). After the show, I ran back to my hotel and did a quick change into a custom silk leopard dress with a black patent leather collar and fur cape, designed by the one and only moi! It felt good to wear me!

The night progressed and Bustle was packed to the nines as always. I was seated with Toronto blogger Jay Strut (who had the deadliest studded leather pants on)! We had a blast in the front taking pics and videos of the fun Bustle show. After the show, I caught up with Shawn Hewson -- the creative director of Bustle. As usual, we joked and flirted around -- something we always do being very close friends. PS: I donʼt want Ruth (the other half of Bustle) to set me straight!

After the Bustle show, I hustled my way out of the tents and headed to a fashion event I was hosting. I couldn't wait to host Fashion Night -- as this was itʼs debut in North America. It was a complete honour to be at such a prestigious and monumental event.

Six designers including the bad-ass Evan Biddell and Whitney Linen showcased their collection to a packed ballroom in the beautiful Windsor Arms Hotel. Also, I really enjoyed witnessing a collection of historical Chinese traditional clothing. It was absolutely beautiful.

Later, I couldnʼt help myself -- I had to get up and dance with the violin genius Dr. Draw. He killed it with his spectacular violin playing/performance.

Perfection, yet again.

Until next season,

Big Fat Jamaican Kisses,