10/22/2013 12:33 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

My Cray Cray Night at World Mastercard Fashion Week

Itʼs that time of year again! We've begun one of the biggest (and most exciting) events in Canada: World Mastercard Fashion Week. Believe it or not, I started planning for this week about a month in advance!

I'm so excited to join the fashionistas as we gather to experience both established and up-and-coming Canadian designer collections. I loooove me some fashion and canʼt wait to see them all, not to mention the bad-ass Canadian models.

Yesterday I woke up full of excitement and couldnʼt wait for the Pink Tartan show. Just in case you donʼt know about Pink Tartan, the company was founded by Kimberley Newport, who is the wife of fashion mogul Joe Mimran (founder of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh).

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World MasterCard Fashion Week

I keep forgetting how crazy my world gets, particularly during this special week. I mean CRAY CRAY! Hereʼs a play by play:

At 6:50, I arrive at the tents in David Pecaut Square, and am photographed by press, fashionistas, and a random dude who doesnʼt have a clue as to whatʼs going on, but decides he wants to get in on the action. By the way, I'll define that action as a braided blonde chick (me) with an oversized fur cape and five-inch stilettos posing beside a tall guy wearing a suit accessorized with a headpiece made out of mesh chain link.

I get inside the building and greet another group of photographers, fashionistas and industry friends. It takes me 10 minutes or so to make it backstage where another crowd awaits. Models, Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Photographers, Stylists, Dressers and Agents fill the backstage, busy preparing for the show to start. I take that time out to meet with the designer and models briefly and wish them luck. Then I take a moment to stop and chat with a few of my favourite interviewers and bloggers. Backstage last night was so amazing -- I spoke with the fashionable Joe Mimran (founder of Joe Fresh and Club Monaco), who had me cracking up as he shared tales about his beloved wife Kim Newport.

Before I know it, itʼs almost show time and Iʼm escorted out to the runway to be seated. By the time I leave backstage, my voice is pretty much gone from all the talking. Here is where things become a bit overwhelming. Picture hundreds of people conversing amongst one another while house music blares in the background. I couldn't find my seat for the life of me, and got distracted by seeing Jeanne Beker, Fefe Dobson, Lisa Tant and some fine Argonauts Football player (I think he said his name was John).

Finally security insists on me finding a seat -- as the show is about to start. Thank god both my guest and I got our seats! Pink Tartan collection was reminiscent of Kim Newport and her personal style. To sum it up in two words, I would call this collection "Effortless Chic." I fell in love with the perforated leather skirts, the black body-conscious dress with the oversized white flowers, and the black and white finale shirt style gown.

After the show, I managed to squeeze in a few more interviews while preparing for the next show, David Dixon. By this time, Iʼm starving -- but don't want to trek out in pouring rain, couture never goes well with a downpour!

Soon Iʼm back on the runway trying to find my seat. David's show starts off with a scripture from the bible. Psalms 139. Oh, my mom would have attended his show just for that! I love to see David's work -- heʼs pretty much the only fashion designer (in my opinion) that constantly uses a diverse group of models.

After David's Show, I headed to the Holt Renfrew opening party for World Mastercard Fashion Week (which happens to be the hottest party of the season). I decided to brave the rainy weather, and quickly jaunt to my hotel and change into a fresh outfit. After arriving at the Holts party, I felt the music, ambiance and food was a picture-perfect end to my first day of fashion week!

Itʼs hard to believe those two shows and one party added up to a full fabulous four hours! Fashion week definitely brings quite the adrenaline rush (along with chaos and style)! I canʼt wait for day two, who knows what adventures are in store for me!

Until then,