03/20/2014 05:22 EDT | Updated 05/20/2014 05:59 EDT

Fearless Fashionistas On Day Three Of Fashion Week

Today started off on a rough note. I had to check out of my hotel early. The staff tried relentlessly to book me in another hotel close to the shows, but nothing was available. As I've stated before, my first rule when attending shows is to NEVER wear the same outfit twice -- abiding to this isn't possible without somewhere to change! I had to adjust -- fast! I called my designer friend Farley Chatto (with whom I recently had a fitting for his upcoming show), he didn't hesitate to help me out by offering his space to do my changes. Problem solved!


While at my fitting for Farley, who will be showcasing his new risk-taking collection this week, I asked him for advice on how to react if his show (which is a fur collection and the first of it's kind at Toronto Fashion week) gets protested.  

His response was very powerful: "Don't worry about it, you can do whatever you like."

That was the go ahead I needed.



I attended the Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and Mackage shows, all of which were fantastic. I especially enjoyed the cool new generation of fashionistas rocking they're avant-garde style. From stylist Junior Sealy and his fashionable crew in punk KTZ pieces, blogger Noelly Sam rocking a Midence Oliu hat to designer Caitlin Power rocking her latest creation, the tent was buzzing with fearlessness!


Being a fearless risk-taker sets you apart from everyone else. It establishes originality, uniqueness and makes fashion FUN. Most importantly, it makes the biggest statement of all, IT'S OK TO BE YOURSELF.

"A life lived in fear is a life unloved." - Farley Chatto

Big Fat Jamaican Kisses,



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