10/25/2013 12:29 EDT | Updated 12/25/2013 05:12 EST

Day Four Of Fashion Week: Fitting With The Fashion Gangstas

Buckle up -- I've got a lot of details to dish on day four of World MasterCard Fashion Week!

Before I made my way to the first show of the day, I stopped by one of Canadaʼs most famous designer duos, Greta Constantine! I absolutely love those guys! Not only are they cool and down-to-earth fashionistas, buy they're GANGSTA when it comes to their designs. I stopped by their studio in the heart of downtown Toronto and upon my arrival was told two racks were already waiting for me to choose from! I was in fashion heaven! I loved pretty much everything I tried on.

After my fitting with the Greta boys, I headed to the tents in time for the Target show. This was the company's first show at WMCFW and they went all out! The theme was very festive -- hinting that Christmas is around the corner. The front row guests had special luxurious seating with plush throws on each chair for guests to take as a gift. I loved the diversity of models! From high fashion to curves and even kids, it was a happy, family-friendly show. They had hot male models pushing shopping carts full of wrapped gifts for all the front row guests. (I think my model loved me, as he gave me a couple!)

It's no surprise which model opened the Target show, I recognized her right away! Erin Wasson! Erin is a serious model mogul, with a clothing line, an up-and-coming shoe line and a TV show. Erin is not your regular "model-chick."

Right after the show, I made my way backstage to chat with Ms. Wasson. I was taken to a special room where Erin was seated -- as soon as I walked in she cried, "Oh my god, THEE Stacey McKenzie?!! I love you!!" I was stunned; there was no way Erin Wasson was talking about me! NO WAY! I told her the feeling was MORE than mutual, and like two fan-girls we gushed about loving each other's work.

After my AMAZING meeting with Erin, I made my way to the next show, Soia & Kyo. A casual cool clothing line. I sat next to Canadian artist Melanie Durant (who always has the most beautiful hand jewelry)! We got excited about quite a few pieces from the collection -- one in particular stood out for Melanie as her vision was to wear it (a suede trench) with nothing underneath it. I didnʼt hesitate to second that vision!

As soon as the show was over, I made my way back to my suite to change into another outfit. Then, I rushed back to the tents in time for Rudsak -- which is always full of sweet leather pieces.

Immediately after, I headed to the 10th Anniversary of Operanation! Watching the live performances from Sam Roberts, dancing to '80s Prince, Usher and Beyonce all while eating gourmet mac n' cheese and toasted apple pie certainly ended my day on a high note!

Now, on to day five -- I'm looking forward to hosting the first ever FASHION NIGHT: TORONTO at the Windsor Arms Hotel tonight -- I hope to see you all there!

Big Fat Jamaican Kiss!


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