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Sure, It Can Be Uncomfortable, But Enjoy Being Pregnant

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Dear Pregnant Mom,

I spent the last three months of pregnancy drifting between extreme happiness and extreme depression. Most of the time I felt sorry for myself. My body was stretching beyond recognition and I still couldn't stop eating brie and olive and rosemary loaves. Plural. I tried to read articles about how I was a goddess with a miracle taking place inside of me but I couldn't buy it. It was no miracle, it was a lot of hard work. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into creating that little life.

So many veteran moms told me, "enjoy being pregnant," or to "enjoy the peace and quiet," and I totally disregarded them and thought they were a-holes for wishing something so awful on me. I just wanted this little thing out of me by any means necessary. Mostly I wanted to hold my damn baby but I also wanted to be able to sleep on my stomach again, (hah).

If I could go back in time I would tell myself this:

Enjoy peeing every half hour because soon there just won't be enough time to stop and pee.

Enjoy your hot cup of coffee.

Enjoy grabbing only your debit card and keys to leave the house.

Enjoy lingering at the mall.

Enjoy reading.

Enjoy your crumb-less floor.

Enjoy being able to go out for dinner with your partner.

Enjoy meeting your childless friends on a whim.

Enjoy plane trips.

Enjoy driving in the car with your music up. LOUD.

Just enjoy the time you have with that little child right there in your tummy because in a few short months that little peanut will be too big to cradle in your arms and will try to wiggle out and go exploring. You'll get some time away from your baby and you'll instinctively clutch your tummy but baby wont be there.They grow so fast and time just wont stop ticking.

As much as you should try and enjoy the time before the baby comes, enjoy the time after the baby comes into your life. Embrace those sticky floors and those cold cups of coffee. It won't be long before you'll have your old life back and your kids will be grown up and doing their own thing. You'll only know what they are up to because you'll follow them on Twitter because you'll be a cool mom.

No matter what stage of mother hood you are at, enjoy it. It's all wonderful and beautiful. Now go shovel more soft cheeses into your mouth and enjoy that late night drive thru burgers!

Love from,

a mom with crumbs on her feet...

PS: You're a goddess

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