08/11/2011 05:11 EDT | Updated 10/11/2011 05:12 EDT

Obama, Stop Lecturing and Start Leading

AP File

Is Obama the 21st century's Woodrow Wilson? Smart, but over everyone's head?

The nation in crisis, the American president gives a special talk with his lips pursed and a disapproving frown -- a countenance of barely tolerating those idiots who conspire to make his life miserable.

But his words fall flatter than you-know-what on a plate. Mission to inspire? FAIL.

The U.S. is wallowing in one of its worst throes of confidence. Not only is the stock market loopy, Afghanistan defeating, job creation insipid, but its citizens are in real need of a tonic.

So what does Obama do? Not a lot. He delivers nostrums to the nation, looking ever so much like the Sunday school teacher that Wilson was, before jetting off to Camp David for the weekend!

My American friends argue that this president is the victim of some of the nastiest racism possible. There are people who would prefer to see the States go down rather than see him succeed.

Perhaps this is so, but Mr. President, rise to the challenge! Speak over the heads of those Washington pinheads and nitwits and speak directly to the American people. Show your 'audacity' with a message of hope (you remember that) and a plan to restore the lustre of your citizenry.

Have a plan to create the conditions for industry to flourish, a plan to cut down the mind-numbing bureaucracy that stifles the enterprise that made America great.

Stop wishing that everyone in Washington will suddenly stop what they're doing to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Stop lecturing and start leading.

Obama knows the list of things to be done to allow the U.S. to soar. He just needs to get to it in order to help the American people escape the funk which is dragging down the spirit of the last best hope.