04/30/2012 02:25 EDT | Updated 06/30/2012 05:12 EDT

My Brief Moment with the Grey Cup

I helped the New Dawn Moravian Church last week with a fun event here in Toronto. The church, located in the Vaughan Rd / Oakwood neighbourhood, has a very famous person it its congregation. Shawn Gore attended Sunday School in the church when he was very young. He is now a Canadian Football League star with the Vancouver Lions, and although he is out of province much of the year, he still consider the New Dawn home.


He brought the Grey Cup to the church last Tuesday to show the young kids in the neighbourhood. CP-24 decided to go live from the Grey Cup party being held in the church basement. Shawn invited the kids to look at the cup but asked them not to touch it. When the CP24 cameraman asked me to move the cup a bit (because all the silver was reflecting the camera spot light), the kids gasped that I would disobey their hero Shawn).

One youngster tried to tackle me. I sidestepped him. Another tried to clothesline me (I ducked). A third tried a hip block -- too slow.

Anyway, the TV crew got their shots. The interviews were great and the kids enjoyed themselves.

When it was all over a man in the auidence praised me for my moves avoiding the tackles. Gave me a contract to join the Argos! After I signed he asked my age.

"Just turned 60."

He looked at me in disgust and ripped up the contract and stomped out of the church.

Too bad. I had held the Big Trophy while under contract. That is the closest the Argos are going to get to the Grey Cup as long as Gore continues to play for the Lions.