05/15/2013 02:17 EDT | Updated 07/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Caroline Myss' New Book Asks: What's Your Archetype?

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"Caroline has been at the forefront of advancing spiritual insight and enlightenment in our culture. She is a teacher, thought leader, and mystic for the times we live in." ~Oprah Winfrey

Five-time New York Times bestselling author Caroline Myss's new book, Archetypes: Who Are You? is an enthralling and complex read about the archetypes each of us can delightfully discover, with the author's help, and what they mean to our lives.

Myss, who began her writing career as a cigarette smoking, self-described, "hard boiled," no-nonsense newspaper reporter, eventually left news journalism to pursue a much less traveled road. Her own life story is worthy of a book or movie on its own, filled with archetypes, who have led her on an incredible journey.

Myss's work expounds on Carl Jung's teachings about the collective unconscious, and how each of us has archetypes that express our unique behavior patterns.

Growing up in Chicago, Myss knew from an early age that she was "medically intuitive," and over the years has helped bring intuition and energy healing into the culture; philosophies that just 10 years ago would have been considered by some, and for certain the mainstream, as not only 'New Age woo woo,' but perhaps even outrageous. Collaborating with pioneers like renowned Harvard trained neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, she's written extensively on energy medicine through her best sellers, including Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, and Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.

Her work gracefully pours into our culture's insatiable desire for mysticism within the raising consciousness of the 21st Century. She carefully describes the myriad of archetypes we're all familiar with -- from the Spiritual Seekers and Mystic Archetypes to the Rebels, Addicts, Artists, Alchemists, Angels, Athletes, Beggars, Bullies, Queens, Kings, Hermits, and Visionaries -- by coming to know our own archetypes, we come to know ourselves.

The book's central melody is not only about discovering the archetypes we self-identify with, but also understanding other people's archetypes, and the pros and cons and unique nuances and characteristics that impact our lives.

Myss believes it's impossible to know who we truly are unless we understand archetypes because she says, "They are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us."

There's a certain comfort that comes from the information passionate modern day mystics like her share with us. Teaching us that we all have what it takes to thrive; we'll do well learning new ways to harness our inner-power and, in turn, hopefully find peace within ourselves and with the people on the journey with us.