Ultimate Ride

The Ultimate Ride Reunited: Quito,
Willies, Trout and Wax Palms: Salento,
The Girlfriend
What Attracts Me to
Traffic, Locks and Doors: Panama
The Secrets to Retirement: Capellania,


Fake Money and Real Friends: Mancora,
Grey Skies and Skeletons: Montañita Down to ultimateride.ca
An Amazon Adventure: Puerto Misahualli,
Ultimateride, I Zig, you Zag: Phil and Kelly in Honda, Bogota and La Mesa,
The Ugliest City in the World: Pasto,
Miracles and Salsa: Buga and Cali,
A Brief Reunion: Manizales,
Embracing the Sadness: The Aftermath of the
Mud Volcano and More: In and Around Cartagena,
Crossing the Darien Gap on a Crazy
Living with the Kuna: Carti Tupile, San Blas Islands,
Ultimateride Panama: New Places with old Friends: Bocas del Toro,