09/22/2014 04:47 EDT | Updated 11/22/2014 05:59 EST

Why Canadian Muslims Should Speak Out Against ISIS

As more and more radical Muslim youth leave Canada to join ISIS Jihad, all Islamic groups in Canada, both traditional and progressive must recognize the danger of this ideology and start denouncing ISIS.

We can certainly see Canada's overwhelming concerns over 'Islamic State of Iraq and Levant' (ISIL) mass murder acts in Middle East. The new monster calls herself ISIS, IS and some Arabic names too.

PM Harper has pledged to send special ops soldiers as advisers to Iraq.

"There can be no doubt that the establishment and expansion of ISIL's terrorist caliphate is not only a threat to millions of innocent people, it has become a grave danger to the security of the region ...if left unchecked, this lawless area will become a training ground for international terrorist and will be an even greater threat to the security of Canada and its allies," said PM Harper.

"The world must support fight against 'toxic' ISIS," said our Foreign Minister John Baird while speaking to the United Nations Security Council last week.

Our leaders' concerns are not wrong since ISIS fighters including Canadians are burning their passports and cursing and threatening Canada in ISIS videos.

Canadian Security Intelligence Services' Chief Michel Coulomb estimated in his article published in the Globe and Mail that "over 100 Canadians have left Canada to support or train with terrorist movements abroad."

He also added in his article, "I can say without doubt that the extremist narrative of the West being at war with Islam is rejected by the vast majority of Muslims in Canada."

The CSIS Chief might be right but a Toronto rally arranged by a group 'Muslims Facing Tomorrow' against ISIS' brutalities was not attended by many Muslims last Sunday.

Rather, an Islamic book stall was distributing a free booklet written by Jihadi Islamist, Abul ala Maududi, urging Muslims to wage Jihad against all western societies, outside the rally in 'The Word on the Street Festival' on same day and time. Some fellow journalists reporting the rally also picked up those pamphlets.

Canada is a home to about one million Muslims. They show up in rallies and demonstrations in thousands and thousands when it comes to Israel/Palestine conflict but don't gear up the numbers when it comes to denouncing Al Qaeda or ISIL, etc.

Apparently, there is not a much support from Canadian Muslims for Islamic Jihadi groups but there is not much denunciation either.

Denunciation only comes from some anti-Islam Muslim individual(s) which doesn't serve the purpose either, because that sort of denunciation is usually overboard and is only to attract media frenzy for those few Anti-Islam media attention seekers.

But there is a dire need of genuine denunciation from majority of the Muslims through their words and actions against ISIS alike.

ISIS may be a new name of old Islamist poisonous haram wine but the taste of this ideological wine is the same.

Murderous Islamist groups could be known as Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Lashkar-e-Jhangavi, Al Nusra etc.,.

However, their ideology and mission are the same; to further their Jihadi business in the name of Islam and Muslim Ummah.

From time to time, some of them seem clashing with each other based on their territorial business interest clashes.

They are the same monster with different names, not as much lethal to non-Muslims as they claim but more lethal to Muslims themselves.

But Muslims are not addressing such monsters as they should.

Majority Muslims view them as a product of the West on one hand and also hail them as their future savior on the other hand.

What a confused state of mind!

ISIS could have been formed by the rebels in Syria that might be partially funded by some Western forces in order to topple down Assad regime but in fact those rebels were funded by Sunni Arab world, Turkey and Jihadi organizations for their own interests and internal radicalization more than the western world.

Similarly, forces such as Taliban and Al Qaeda benefited by their internal radicalization and sectarian rifts more than Westerner's interests.

Now it's time for Muslims to recognize and acknowledge their own illnesses rather than playing the blame game.

This toxic ideology has destroyed social, economic and political fabrics not just in Muslim countries but also all across Islamic communities in the West including Canada.

As more and more radical Muslim youth leave Canada to join ISIS Jihad, all Islamic groups in Canada, both traditional and progressive must recognize the danger of this ideology and start denouncing ISIS by staging protests, rallies, demonstrations, seminars and conferences to share their concerns with fellow Canadians and the rest of the world that Canadian Muslims understand the gravity.