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Politicians Need To Recognize And Address The 'Jihad' Mindset In Canada

In the wake of the Orlando Massecre, we are hearing so many confusing statements and stories from our Canadian politicians and media based on the political correctness.

However, a Pakistani author based in the U.S., Mobarak Haider, wrote something quite meaningful on his Facebook Page:

"Orlando massacre has created another challenge for all good Muslims who side with peace and human rights. In the U.S. it confronts them with a difficult choice: side with this country of your choice or side with the dark medieval concepts of Jihad and Sharia. Islam has to be limited to a spiritual role only. Political issues of a Muslim country are not religious issues. Certain teachings of Islam that threaten co-existence of human societies, have to be declared obsolete. We have to stop sending our children to the Imams and madrassas."

Only a progressive Muslim like Mobarak Haider could comprehend this particular complex mindset.

Otherwise, most politicians, particularly from Muslim populated ridings are more concerned about their voters than their ridings' radical mosques or their leadership.

Such an example is MP Rob Oliphant's article in Ottawa Citizen:

"I have the unique privilege to be an openly gay Member of Parliament representing one the largest Muslim populations in Canada. I knocked on every door in Thorncliffe Park in the last election, and the support I received from the communities there demolishes any misguided belief that Islam or Muslims in general are to blame for the horrendous attack in Orlando."

So I am glad for Mr. Oliphant's victory in the last election due to the "largest Muslim Populations in Canada," but I wish he would have asked the mosque leadership in his riding to denounce jihad and sharia openly and declare LGBT community as their brothers and sisters on their websites and social media pages.

However, I agree with Mr. Oliphant and other politicians to not blame Islam or Muslims for this wave of terrorism. Yes, all Muslims are not terrorists but unfortunately many terrorists, from 9/11 to Orlando Massacre are Muslims.

More than three dozen Islamists' related terror incidents have taken place so far this year. More than a hundred Islamist related terror incidents took place in 2015 alone.

In this grave concerned situation, Muslims needed to address this jihadi ideology within.

Western media and politicians, out of political correctness, their vote interests, and also the fear of called racists, would keep staying defensive.

In Canada, it's the responsibility of our Muslim Canadian Parliamentarians to denounce jihad, sharia and homophobia mindset within our own communities.

As a Secretary General of The Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations, my conflict with some major Canadian Islamic centres is why don't they denounce groups such as Jama'at-e-Islami, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbut Tehrir and doctrine of sharia, jihad and homophobia openly in their sermons, statements, and on their websites as well as on social media?

Sadly, there are some Canadian Parliamentarians who are associated with those Islamic Centres and ideology directly and indirectly.

In short, Canadian politicians of all diverse backgrounds need to recognize and address the jihadi sharia mindset in Canada rather than playing their ethnic background political cards or ethnic vote banks.

After all, they belong to Canadian Parliament not to some foreign such as Pakistan, Syria and elsewhere.

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