07/31/2013 05:38 EDT | Updated 09/30/2013 05:12 EDT

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada Don't Care About Democracy

Should it be alarming for Canadians that the numbers of Muslim Brotherhood and AlQaeeda supporters are increasing in Canada?

Of course, they should.

Is it not Islamists' democratic rights to gather an assembly in Canada and ask for restoration of democracy in Egypt?

Yes, Indeed. And they are doing it very often now.

AlQaeeda supporters are rallying in Toronto areas to urge Canada to put pressure on the Syrian regime to step down since civil war erupted in Syria.

However, Prime Minister Harper said very clearly couple months ago, "arming unarmed people whose identities we do not know and whose objectives we do not understand, I think is extremely risky."

The Prime Minister's assertion is not wrong either.

In the wake of a coup in Egypt, our Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said in his statement, "Canada urges all parties in Egypt to remain calm, avoid violence and engage in meaningful political dialogue. This is important not only for Egypt, but, given Egypt's influence, for the whole region as well."

Muslim Brotherhood in Canada, somehow, managed to stage a notable rally in Celebration Square Mississauga last Sunday where close to 500 people participated.

"Canada enjoys democracy, Egypt needs democracy too," this was one of the slogans participants were chanting. "Yes President Morsi, No Killer army," one of the banners reads there.

The rally made it clear that Muslim Brotherhood not only in Egypt but in Canada too is quite in favour of democracy now. Their stance on democracy reminded me Professor Azzam tamimi, British Palestinian Islamist's remarks on democracy couple years ago while he was lecturing to Muslim Students at Ryerson University Toronto.

"Democracy is on our side now because our number is increasing," responded Prof. Azzam Tamimi to a Muslim student who asked him why Muslim scholars are supporting the idea of democracy since it collides with Islamic caliphate system.

Prof. Azzam Tamimi went on explaining to Muslim students on this complex issue that Muslims should support democracy today because they can gain power through numbers.

Does it mean that democracy is the name just to gain power only? Is it a name of electoral process only?

Does democracy mean anything for Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists and AlQaeeda supporters other than electoral process too?

Does democracy mean to them to give equal rights to minorities and women, to establish liberal secular laws which are the foundations of democracy?

Unfortunately, Egypt's ousted President Morsi never liked freedom and democracy for his opponents. He started working on Shariah Law which is quite contrary to the democratic values.

Today, his supporters chant in Canada: "Canada enjoys democracy, Egypt needs democracy too."

Are they really sure that they want to see the same model of Canadian democracy in Egypt?

And also, do these Muslim Brotherhood people in Canada really want to apply same type of individual freedom, gender equality and secular thought process within their families what democracy offers here?

If their partner brotherhood in Egypt could have exercised Canadian kind of democratic spirit in Egypt there would have not been a coup there.

But as we know that Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and in Canada don't really care about true democratic values. They are only interested in electoral process to gain the power in order to further their Islamist agenda not to exercise the right spirit of democracy.

They emphasize their numbers only and their growing numbers in Canada should be a concern for Canadians too because they truly don't believe in Canadian democratic values.