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7 Qualities Every Woman Should Look for in Friends

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I've just entered the beginning of my 30s and contrary to what 20-something me assumed, there are quite a few things about life that I'm still confused by and haven't quite "figured out" yet.

But there's one thing, without a doubt, that I feel I've managed to really figure out -- it's the type of girlfriends that I should work hard to keep in my life. My closest friends consist of an intimate group of women whom I've met over the years, ranging from grade school to university, and we have remained a crucial part of each other's lives through everything from moves to marriages to pregnancies.

They have helped shape who I am and who I will become in a positive way, through strong qualities that they possess.

Qualities that I think everyone should be looking for in friendships that last a lifetime.

1. They're Confident

They could be of varying colours, shapes and sizes but they do not let societal pressures stand in the way of their achievements. They're not insecure about who they are and this makes them some of the most beautiful women out there.

2. They're Fun To Be Around

You could talk to them all the time and never get bored of their company. Conversations with them will be about everything from world issues, travel and sports, to debating whether aliens exist and if Christian Bale was the hottest Batman ever. They will seldom talk about other's business or badmouth someone behind their back.

3. They Call You Out On Your BS

You can make excuses to convince yourself that it's okay to start hanging out with your ex who cheated on you and left you hanging dry, but these women will call you out on your bad decisions and make you reflect before acting. They don't tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.

4. They're Loyal

You might have disagreements and tempers may flare here and there, but at the end of the day they will stick around to resolve issues and your friendship will only become stronger as a result.

5. They Challenge You

When you throw out an idea you're passionate about, their initial response is to challenge you to go for it, not throw doubt your way. And if laziness kicks in and your passion starts to slip, they'll be sure to follow up with you on how you're progressing and kick your butt into shape if necessary.

6. They Expose You To New Things

These women are always eager to share new and exciting things with you because they're all about living life to the fullest. They will have you going to circus school, camping out in a desert, pitching a tent with nothing but a YouTube tutorial as guidance and salsa dancing like no one's watching!

7. They're Your Biggest Fans

They will support your endeavours with the same kind of excitement that your parents showed when you were five and did a dance recital. In their eyes, you are wonderful and your accomplishments will not be marred by jealousy or pettiness. They don't compete with you, they collaborate.

Be sure to share with your girlfriends if this list reminds you of them. Here's to all the wonderful women out there!

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