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Small Daily Changes Are The Key To Long-Term Lifestyle Improvement

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So often in the fitness industry the message is extreme. Typical fitness 'inspirational' quotes go a little like this:

"Learn to love the pain."

"A good workout is one you hate."

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

"Tupperware is the key to nutrition success."

And we wonder why people are so terrified of fitness...

Our industry is committed to improving people's lives but we forget in order to change lives we have to provide a community that is welcoming, educational and non-judgmental. The key is to start with small daily changes.

We believe that the fitness industry has it all wrong and this is evidenced by the fact that our population isn't getting fitter and healthier, but in fact, quite the opposite.

The holiday season is the worst for fitness and nutrition advice! Don't eat this. Don't eat that. Pack your own food to parties. Fast all day before an event. Sacrifice. Don't cheat. Be good. The fitness industry asks you to sacrifice everything you like and be the weirdo at the work party whipping your own containers of food out of a cooler.

The truth? This approach isn't realistic or sustainable.

We know that the best way to change habits and truly make lifestyle changes is by making small changes each and every day. The answer isn't giving up everything you love for 4 weeks, or signing up for an extreme bootcamp program, the path to success demands one step at a time.

We invite you to our 30-day Challenge starting December 2nd.

We want to show everyone that you can enjoy the holidays and at the same time make positive changes in your overall health. You will also notice that this challenge starts on a Wednesday! (not a Monday...).

If you take our challenge you will be committing to three things:

1. A Daily Activity. Commit to a fitness activity that will take five minutes or less, requires no equipment, and anyone can perform.

2. A Daily Nutrition addition. We want you to ADD things into your daily food intake. There is NOTHING you have to take away or sacrifice. Live life, enjoy it, do the holidays right! All this challenge requires is that you add in the one daily recommendation.

3. A Daily Lifestyle challenge. Everyday we will get you to step just a little bit out of your comfort zone or add something into your routine that will make your day just a little better. Everything will take less than five minutes, in many cases; these activities will not require ANY additional time!

Why do this challenge?

We know from experience and from research that small, positive, and purposeful activities done frequently have a MUCH stronger influence on a long term healthy lifestyle, versus sudden, drastic, and restrictive programs.

By the end of 30 days you WILL feel better, be more motivated, and be ready in the New Year to truly begin adding more healthy activities into your life.

For us, living a healthy lifestyle is all about long term change. It is not about crash diets, three week shred programs, restriction, starvation, or any number of other completely ineffective initiatives the rest of the fitness industry throws at you.

How will the challenge work?

Everyday we will post the next day's challenges on our Taylored Training Instagram account and Twitter account. All you have to do is check the feed or search #TT30daychallenge and you will know what is coming the next day!

How much does this challenge cost?


Seriously. It's free. Taylored Training is going to change the world of health and fitness and we are going to do it by helping everyone build long-term habits that positively impact their lives.

This is our gift to you and our way of beginning to enact our mission of creating an environment and community that changes the way people feel about health and fitness!

-Coach Taylor and Coach Whitney


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