09/12/2013 11:59 EDT | Updated 11/12/2013 05:12 EST

Life of a Director at TIFF: Rush, Eat, Schmooze, Repeat

Last night I realized. I'm a bad blogger.


I thought I'd be able to blog everyday, to reflect on the exciting chaos that is the Toronto International Film Festival, but...every day is filled with so many things to do.

As a director, it would be pretty easy to find a half hour here or there to talk about the day, but, as a producer/director, running around to meetings, festival events, conferences, and more meetings, it's almost impossible to find the time to talk about the experience.

A typical day begins:

Get up just in time to shower (hopefully eat something) and make your first meeting.

Check in at the Hyatt with your sales agent(s) to see if anybody is interested in buying your film.

Make it to your next two meetings after frantically running between the Shangri-La, Le Germain and the Hyatt.

Rush home to get more postcards and one sheets for your next four film projects.

Make it to your last meeting (on time if you're lucky in traffic).

Rush to the first event of the evening, at five, still wondering when you're going to find time to eat.

Eat a few of the tiny bites of food available at the event before heading to the next place.

Attend a late dinner organized by the incredible people at TIFF who have given you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Then, one more party, because you heard a couple of actors you'd love to work with might attend.

Then, home to sleep for three or four hours.


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