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The Elwins Watch Twin Peaks So You Don't Have To: Episodes 3&4

It's a beautiful Tuesday in Keswick where we've gathered just after lunch to watch episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks. The last episode ended on a pretty odd note so we are very curious to see how these next two will unfold.


It's a beautiful Tuesday in Keswick where we've gathered just after lunch to watch episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks. The last episode ended on a pretty odd note so we are very curious to see how these next two will unfold.

We are greeted once again with an introduction from our new bud The Log Lady. She starts the episode by talking about darkness and evil in life and how it can seem infinite but then reassures us that "someday the darkness will end"

Then we join agent Cooper the morning after his crazy dream. He is eating his breakfast at The Great Northern when he notices Audrey and invites her to join him. It seems like Audrey has developed feelings for agent Cooper which we get as he is a totally loveable and sweet dude. Their breakfast party is short-lived; today is the day of Laura Palmers' funeral.

Before the funeral begins agent Cooper's colleague Albert Rosenfield reveals to Cooper and Harry that Laura had been addicted to cocaine and the marks she received on her back the night she died were caused by a myna bird.

It seems like the entire town was present at Laura's funeral. Even The Log Lady and her log were in attendance. As the ceremony is winding down Bobby lashes out and accuses everyone of knowing that Laura was in danger. This leads to an amazing slow motion confrontation between Bobby and James, who has been giving us a good share of laughs with what we assume to be his serious pout. With his daughters funeral unraveling around him Leland Palmer has another breakdown and jumps on top of Laura's casket.

It has been really impressive how Twin Peaks manages to fit so many emotions into a 45-minute episode. Right after the craziness and sadness of the funeral agent Cooper is back at the diner raving over the huckleberry pie. We are also really digging how quick and concise Cooper is when it comes to ordering food "slice of huckleberry pie heated, scoop of vanilla ice cream and a coffee."

Harry, Ed and Hawk let agent Cooper know that someone is smuggling cocaine into Twin Peaks and they suspect that bartender Jacques Renault is somehow involved. They interrogate Jacques brother Bernard but get no information. Jacques and Bernard are the only Canadian characters we've met so far in Twin Peaks so here's to hoping they rediscover their friendly roots and apologize for their actions.

Jacques realizes that his brother is in trouble and gets in touch with Leo. This was a real highlight of the episode for us because we discovered that Leo bears a striking resemblance to a Tim & Eric character named Spagett. Side-by-side comparison below:

The episode ends with Leland Palmer dancing by himself which started out as pretty humorous but quickly turns sad when he starts begging for a dance partner.

We take a quick break to grab a cup a joe and then hop right into the next episode!

This episode had a way lighter vibe than the last. A big part of that is thanks to awesome and hilarious dynamic of the Twin Peaks police department also thanks to the absence of any funerals.

Sara Palmer has been seeing visions of a man with long hair. Agent Cooper believes that this is the Bob that he saw in his dream and that his dreams and Sara Palmers visions are connected. The police department (featuring the always incredible and goofy Andy) track down the one armed man hoping he will have some information on Bob or Laura's murder. They find him at a sleazy motel, he claims that he is just a shoe salesman but if seems like he is hiding something.

At the same motel things are getting pretty "hot and heavy" between Catherine Martell and Benjamin Horn... they are planning to set fire to the sawmill. Which will surely have some pretty heavy consequences. They are also having an affair.

The police department have been going through the local veterinarians records to figure out who in Twin Peaks owns a myna bird that could've left the marks on Laura Palmers back. They discover that Jacques Renault owns a myna bird named Waldo (all that searching through records to find a bird name Waldo, I'm sure there is a joke to made there). When raiding Jacques apartment they find the bloodstained shirt (that Bobby had planted) with Leo Johnson's (aka Spaghett's) initials.

Norma, the owner of the diner reveals that her husband Hank has a parole hearing she must attend. During the hearing you see him playing with a domino. If that isn't bizarre enough at the end of the episode Josie Packard receives a detailed drawing of a domino in the mail along with a phone call from Hank asking if she had gotten his message.

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