10/27/2014 07:55 EDT | Updated 12/27/2014 05:59 EST

The Elwins Watch Twin Peaks So You Don't Have To: Episode 1

Black coffee, cherry pie, and a murder mystery. We've all heard of Twin Peaks, the 90's cult classic TV drama. But have many of us taken the time to watch it? With the announcement of nine new episodes to come in 2016, now is the time to get up to speed. Most people are too busy to watch 30 episodes with all that's going on around them, so we're going to do it for you! We're excited to be starting in fall as it will be the perfect season to accompany David Lynch's chilling aesthetic.

While we watch this series on your behalf, you can expect to find out a few things. We will be getting into the spirit of Twin Peaks and sharing our themed outfit and snack choices along the way. You can find out how the episodes make us feel and our thoughts on what will happen next in this unpredictable thriller. You'll know where we're watching from when we're on the road and maybe there will be some guests along the way.

Please feel free to watch the episodes with us throughout this journey and contribute your own feelings about the episodes and characters within. We want to share in this experience with you all as much as possible!

Here's our take on the first episode:

This is a long one, hour and a half! We're on tour and sitting in our room in Kingston at an amazing house that hosts some bands that come through. After filling our mouths with plenty of Mary Browns fried chicken for dinner we decide to get down to it and watch the first episode. Before we do we prepare ourselves by getting some halloween themed rice crispy squares and turn off all the lights. Seems appropriate.

We start it off and are intrigued by the spooky 90's theme music. Almost like a twisted spaghetti western soap opera soundtrack. They show panoramic shots of a beautiful and quaint small called Twin Peaks. There's a nice waterfall, and a lot of trees. Even before the credits are finished you feel like something has gone awry in this unassuming town.

They cut straight to the chase. The first thing that happens is the discovery of a dead girl wrapped up in plastic on a rocky beach by a man who was going out for a little fishing. What does this mean? How could this happen in such a nice small town? Maybe there's more to this place than meets the eye. The town is pretty shaken up as word spreads of the death of Laura Palmer, a high school student well known by the community.

We realize at this point we haven't really dressed up in the proper attire for watching this program. Big sweaters, leather jackets, blue jeans and boots. We'll be better prepared next time to really get into the spirit. Ugly Christmas sweaters would be perfect. Moving on...

We find out that Dale Cooper, an FBI agent, has been sent into the town to investigate. What does it mean? He goes to the morgue to inspect the body and finds a letter stuck underneath her ring fingernail, linking her death to a series of murders. Creepy stuff. It starts coming to light that some foul play was definitely involved.

So far our favourite people are Lucy and Andy (an officer at the police dept). They are wonderfully weird and created some of the best, funniest moments in the first episode. As for who the killer is, Laura's boyfriend Bobby is seeming very suspicious. He's definitely up to something. Can't wait to see what how this twisted mystery will unfold.

Stay tuned next week for the second instalment and make sure to tell us what you think #ElwinsTVCLub



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