11/06/2014 05:55 EST | Updated 01/06/2015 05:59 EST

The Elwins Watch Twin Peaks So You Don't Have To: Episode 2


We are back at it again, and this time we are watching in the comfort of Travis' house wearing some cozy Twin Peak-esque sweaters. Travis and Frankie's moms are hanging out and made an amazing feast for the viewing -- homemade pizza & stuffed chicken! We settle into the TV room and begin.

The episode starts by panning around different wall hangings and objects within Agent Cooper's room at the The Great Northern Hotel. We hear him dictating into his tape recorder and as the camera turns toward him we realized that he's hanging upside down from a pipe along the ceiling. As he wraps up his message to Diane he remembers that he hasn't had a cup of coffee at The Great Northern yet and promises to report back in half an hour with his review. Luckily, the hotel got a very high grade on their java.

It's pretty amusing how vocal/passionate Agent Cooper is about the few simple things he values. At this point it seems to be: coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night), clean and reasonably priced hotels and cherry pie. He's a unique mix of handsome, sophisticated, genius and boyish, simple and goof ball.

The episode has so much talk and romanticizing of coffee that it almost starts to feel like product placement or an add for the International Coffee Organization -- equivalent to the "Got Milk?" campaign. We are sitting there beginning to feel like we've missed an important piece of our snack and bevy selection.

Shelley Johnson, a waitress at the diner, finds a bloody shirt mixed in with her boyfriend Leo's laundry and hides it away. When Leo returns home he remembers the stained shirt and begins to frantically look around the house for it. He figures that Shelly must have hid it and when she gets home he presses her to find it's whereabouts. He seems to always be talking through his teeth with eyebrows furrowed. Using a fresh, hard bar of soap slipped into the toe of a sock he decides to beat it out of her. He whips her so hard that she bruises around her face.

On a lighter note, the moms share a laugh as they point out how many ladies are sporting huge shoulder pads. Maybe next time we can dig up some old mom power suits, equipped with enough padding to tackle a quarter back (or Leo), to really get in the mood.

Donna Hayward visits with Laura Palmer's mother in an effort to brighten her spirits. Mrs. Palmer starts to hallucinate (from grief not drugs, we assume) and sees Donna's face transform into her deceased daughter's ('80s CG at it's finest!) and a vision of a spooky looking dude with long straight hair hiding behind some furniture in their home. The scene ends as Mrs. Palmer shrieks and squeals inconsolably.

We take a coffee break. The snack and bevy arsenal now complete.

One new and welcomed addition to the show is the log lady. She has been starting out each episode with a cryptic/wisdom-filled monologue foreshadowing the events to follow. She has the best style. She rocks a grandma sweater better than anybody, and you guessed it -- is always holding a log...Babe alert!

Bringing with them enough donuts to stock an empty Dunkin' Donuts, the police office sets up outside to try a new method to narrow down suspects based on a dream that Agent Cooper had. They now believe Laura's psychiatrist Lawrence Jacoby and abusive boyfriend Leo Johnson to have had some involvement in the murder. Leo is the kind of guy you want to see justice served to and looks pretty guilty after his lady finds that bloody shirt in his laundry. Here's to hoping he goes down...way downtown.

The episode ends shortly after Cooper's brash colleague Albert Rosenfield arrives to Twin Peaks with his crew to do a more thorough autopsy of the body. Tensions flare between the small town police office and the newcomers. Cooper has some more trippy dreams that don't add anymore clarity but definitely "peak" our curiosity.

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