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The Elwins Watch Twin Peaks So You Don't Have To: Episodes 5&6

With doughnuts at the ready (not actually) we collectively finish up the classic "pasta lunch" here at Elwins camp to begin our descent into our investigation of the strange but wonderful world of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks

With doughnuts at the ready (not actually) we collectively finish up the classic "pasta lunch" here at Elwins camp to begin our descent into our investigation of the strange but wonderful world of Twin Peaks. Quickly we see that Agent Cooper yet again is very much on top of his game even despite getting next to no sleep the previous night.

While the usual police crew and him search Jaques Renault's apartment he cannot help but notice a reoccurring theme of red drapes being some kind of major clue to this case. Finding a picture of a mysterious house in the woods with red drapes he decides to take a little reconnaissance mission with Truman, Hawk and Dr. Hayward. To everyone's surprise it's The Log Lady's home who she immediately accuses them for being late -- go figure! Cooper is reminded that he must yield to The Log Lady's ways of communication...talking to her log.

There's an amazing shot of the four fellas approaching the house (see below) that is undeniably cheesy and band photo-esque, check it out! What only feels like minutes later the bunch discover the elusive cabin of Jaques, where Laura Palmer went sometimes for sexual meetings with some shady characters.

After James confides in Donna about his parents it's clear that their bond is growing although as a viewer it is hard to tell if they're moving more on the love-train or the friendship train. A prime example proving this heavy relationship is this line by James, "it's the secrets people keep that destroy any chance of happiness." Laura's cousin Maddie is featured in these episodes who we all agree pulls off the Katy Perry TGIF video look quite well.

Meanwhile Bobby and Shelley's plan to screw over Leo is well under way. Shelley thinks she'll have the confidence to shoot Leo if he becomes hostile again which she later does out of self defence only wounding him. Dr. Jacobi has a family counselling session with the Briggs in which Bobby opens up revealing a tender side of himself. He says that Laura forced him into dealing drugs so that she could continue her habit. He professes of a deep dark secret that she had. It should be mentioned that Dr. Jacobi's oddly coloured glasses are very dizzying to watch as he is supposed to be taken seriously haha!

Audrey has her heart set on Agent Cooper essentially from their first encounter in the show. It would appear that she would do just about anything to aid him in cracking the case. Persuasively she lands the job at the beauty retail store where Laura Palmer worked and was then recruited to work at the sleazy One Eyed Jacks. Fast forward she is now 'the new girl' at the notorious establishment.

Unbeknownst to Audrey's courageous endeavour Cooper realizes that he must go to One Eyed Jack's to find the infamous Jaques Renault once and for all alongside some of the The Bookhouse Boys (Truman, Hawk and Big Ed). Before they leave we're shown that Leo assassinates Waldo (the myna bird that was present at the cabin Laura was tortured in) through the police station window having intercepted Lucy's broadcast over the police scanner of the birds whereabouts.

Morale is down as one of the only witnesses is now gone but they must press on. At One Eyed Jack's, Big Ed and Cooper go undercover and use their best lines to prove their gusto with the clientele. Cooper gets himself a sit down with Jaques Renault who was present at the cabin with Laura and gives his a sadistic rundown of the dirty deeds that went down that night before Leo knocked him out and the girls disappeared.

To top it all off we learn towards the end that Josie Packard is conspiring with Benjamin Horne, presumably about the sawmill. It is starting to get hard to know where anyone's loyalty lies in this twisted web of deceit. Hopefully we'll be able to discover some truth soon.

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