04/16/2012 02:28 EDT | Updated 06/16/2012 05:12 EDT

What's Your Beauty Personality? Take Our Quiz!


What's your beauty personality? Are you classic, trendy, feminine or edgy? Take our quiz.

Even though some days we might put on a little more makeup, or try something a little different than what we might normally wear, most of us have a distinct beauty personality that we always gravitate towards. Peeking into your makeup case might offer some clues, but it's also about how you wear it, too.

Do you push the envelope when it comes to your makeup look, or do you tend to stick to classic looks? Answering the following questions will help you figure out your beauty personality.

Whose celebrity fashion style do you most admire?

A. Natalie Portman

B. Nicole Richie

C. Taylor Swift

D. Nicki Minaj

The lipstick shade you've worn most often in the past month is:

A. Red

B. Coral

C. Dusty rose

D. Neon pink

Your favourite makeup brand based on its product formats, colours, packaging and advertising is:

A. Bobbi Brown

B. Nars

C. Lancome

D. Urban Decay

The Gossip Girl character who most resonates with you is:

A. Lily Van der Woodsen

B. Serena Van der Woodsen

C. Blair Waldorf

D. Jenny Humphrey

Your bedroom:

A. Is modern yet comfortable with a wooden bed frame and neutral colours.

B. Is mostly white with a splash of colour, with an au courant piece or two, such as an Ikat-print cushion.

C. Includes a four-poster bed, ornate light fixtures and soft pink walls.

D. Has one feature wall in a standout shade (black or chartreuse, for example) and graphic accessories.

Your closet is mostly filled with:

A. Investment pieces such as a luxe cashmere sweater, the perfect LBD and a classic white shirt

B. Of-the-moment looks, such as rompers, peplums and neon accessories

C. Pretty florals, flowy dresses and pencil skirts

D. Sky-high platform heels and slashed up leggings

Mostly A's-- Your beauty personality is classic

Most days, you probably wear a neutral eye shadow, classic eyeliner and a lipstick in a universally flattering pink shade. For you, makeup is simply about enhancing your best features and looking like you, only better. On a night out, you'll do a heavier smokey eye or go with a red lip. Your makeup bag, like your wardrobe, features a carefully edited collection of items.

Mostly B's - Your beauty personality is trendy

You pour over magazines and websites for the latest products and colours to hit the beauty counter and you religiously watch runway shows streaming online to see what's coming up for next season. You're the first of your friends to break out the latest mascara or try the newest manicure.

Mostly C's -- Your beauty personality is feminine

Soft and pretty is your beauty mantra. You are a girly girl at heart and this is reflected in the feminine shades that dominate your cosmetics case and the subtle way you apply everything from your eyeliner to your blush. Your look is natural, but with a definite irresistible sweetness to it.

Mostly D's -- Your beauty personality is edgy

For you, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. If you feel like wearing a super dark lipstick or a dramatic, super mysterious smokey eye, you will. You've been known to layer on more coats of mascara than you can keep track of. You're used to (and enjoy) getting double-takes when you're out because of your bold choices.