10/01/2013 12:19 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Fresh Canteen Makes it Easy to Cook at Home

Let's just pretend I am working a lot, living alone (or with one other person), and the kids are out. Let's say I love to cook and learn new recipes, but that I have no time to search, plan, or shop for the food to do so. What do I do? I default to grazing or eating out.

A recent study showed that 21 per cent of Americans are simply grazing the day away without a plan. They grab what they can with little thought for it's nutritive value or sustaining power. The conclusion was that it really didn't matter whether you were a grazer or a planner, it was the choices that you made within that system.

Here is a CTV News Clip about the new grazer.

For my money, I would rather have a plan. I would rather know that I have food at home that can be whipped up to provide a meal.

And then I got a box of ideas from Fresh Canteen.

What this system does is post a host of new recipes each week and you get to scroll and pick. They then deliver boxes including everything you need to whip up said dinner. Pre measured, pre considered portions. The concept is brilliant and the price is less than eating out all the time (in dollars, salt and calories).

The box I picked was loaded with a steak, wasabi butter, sweet potatoes for mash, an arugula and pear salad. All dressings and seasonings included so I didn't have to think. I had to pour my wine, turn on the music and follow the instructions to a meal on the table in 20 minutes.

As a seasoned cook, I found the format of the recipe actually confusing. I am very accustomed to reading a list of ingredients in order and reading the directions on how to prepare or add them to the dish. This system talks a non-cook through step by step so I had a few look backs to figure out where the damned Worcestershire should go (Ikea extra pieces style).

I also found the ingredients to be fresh, appealing but a little bland. This dish at least seemed to cater to the middle of the palate where I prefer a little more zip. Perhaps another choice would have offered more spice.

The bottom line is that Toronto now has another very viable option to eat well with ease. I'm down with that! And Fresh Canteen may even be teaching a few novices to not be afraid to cook, an even better plan.