07/19/2016 12:58 EDT | Updated 07/19/2016 12:59 EDT

Dining Naked And With Elvis In Collingwood

Have you ever wanted to dine naked? The menu at Lakeside Seafood and Grill in Collingwood offered me just that opportunity. It is a brilliantly simple menu set up to allow you to mix and match your main, sides and sauce thereby giving everyone exactly what they wish to enjoy without wreaking havoc with the kitchen. Named "Naked Entrees" to expose such a simple idea whose time has come in this day of dietary preferences and restrictions. This isn't your pick a $50 chicken leg and then pay for your mashed potatoes, though, the 3 item meal has one set price (Dinner for 2 with a glass of wine $120-$150)

Chef Marc Berry takes his culinary cue from the Japanese bento box as each item is separately prepared and ladled into a pretty wee dish and then composed for you. Choices from land, air and sea are paired with your own preferences and served in huge portions beside an equally huge view of Georgian Bay.

I did get naked though for spa time and let the Living Waters AquaPath caress me ($65 per person). I mean, I wore a swimsuit through the guided path as each stage is explained by an expert although the path itself is quiet and private. The variety of water ways goes beyond a simple shower and hot tub with different grottos of spray that are intended to stimulate a range of areas in your tired body. Some spray fine mist; others, sharp needles through temperatures and textures to fully revive. The river walk was my favourite as two paths, laid with river stones bubble two different temperatures vigorously over sore feet and calves. You will leave this place already primed for a massage. This experience was completely different from some of my other favourite water treatment places. Spa Castle in New York was more like a whole day at spa a la Disney, Scandinave Spa in Collingwood was more shush-y and precious, Body Blitz in Toronto is a pricey urban oasis but I do love me a water moment, no matter what.

Cranberry Resort is a decades long establisher of family memories but this LivingWater wing has a newer, more upscale but earnest flavour to it. The rooms are full service and condo-like offering one or two bedroom condos, full kitchens, washer dryer and water views (from $199 to $300 per night or weeklong packages ranging for $2100-$3000). Be sure to visit the rooftop which has been turfed and fitted with comfy chairs for you to curl up in. It is a quiet space that would be perfect for sunning and reading or an event offering views of both the lake and Blue Mountains on the other side. Yoga is offered both up here and at the inlet on waterboards along with creative classes like Zumba. The commitment to healthy, clean fun is evident.

I am told that the Cranberry golf course is part of that tradition, but I just enjoyed the lunch at the club watching people tee off much more than a golf-y commitment to a 4 hour day of frustration. Collingwood itself boasts many golf courses, is a thriving community in and of itself and is the site of the world's largest Elvis festival. That's right, next week, July 20-25, 2016, this town will be crawling with impersonators, wannabe's and spectators.

I personally, will not be at Elvis-ville HQ, neither naked or dressed up, I prefer to choose the quiet, dine, stretch and get wet kind of summer.

Note: the resort put me up and fed me but no one can buy my love.