01/21/2013 05:37 EST | Updated 03/23/2013 05:12 EDT

The Wrong Way to Lose Weight

I know I am going to get it for saying so, but I think this new gastric gadget aspireassist is ridiculous. It appears that the gadget inserts a port that allows for some of the food that is consumed to be siphoned out before it is digested. Sorry, but that sounds like something one would do under dire medical circumstances, a reverse feeding tube of sorts. And, what happens to the nutrients from said food?

I seriously doubt that a person who feels that they need this gadget is enjoying so much salad that they have to let some out. Letting out some of the badness that is ingested doesn't nourish the body. This just feels like another way to support disordered eating to me.

I get it that we may have collectively hit the point of no return and that weight loss is a massive hurdle that many can't jump. I know the torment that obesity can cause, have watched many clients, friends and family struggle with weight loss plans that don't work and leave them dejected. The quick fix default just looks like more pain and trouble than the longer term, multi-pronged approach.

What's required now is prevention, prevention, prevention. Let's take a big picture view and stop feeding our kids poorly so they don't also land in this situation. We need a strong government, involved manufacturers and food producers, caring caregivers, easy access to activity, an engaged population and affordable, fresh, real food for all.

Weight loss requires a mental health component, an activity component, a food component and, most importantly a supportive environment. Embracing the kind of apparatus that this system provides is a slippery slope in the wrong direction.

Ok, let me have it...what do you think?

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