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Where To Have Your Engagement Photo Shoot In Vancouver

I often remember hearing family and friends suggesting that someday you will find the one and you will just know. I usually dismissed their suggestions and thought that the chance of love was unlikely. This past year I have found and am now engaged to my beloved so the journey of engagement is something I am facing at now.

Enthusiastic couple taking selfie of engagement ring
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Enthusiastic couple taking selfie of engagement ring

True love; an unforgettable and life changing experience. Then comes the challenge of engagement and planning your dream wedding, which can be disappointing surprise.

I often remember hearing family and friends suggesting that someday you will find the one and you will just know. I usually dismissed their suggestions and thought that the chance of love was unlikely. This past year I have found and am now engaged to my beloved so the journey of engagement is something I am facing at now.

Let me say that love is possible. It is a wonderful thing when you find true love. Every morning I wake up utterly surprised that you are fortunate enough to spend your life with your loved one. Engagement and wedding photography is a public display of this love so you have to choose the right photographer and the perfect locations.

If you choose to do engagement photos, you should enjoy the process in stunning locations throughout Vancouver.

Below are the top 10 engagement photo locations that West Vancouver-based photographer Clint Bargen thinks are mashing choices.

1. Belcarra Park in Port Moody

Belcarra Regional Park is a beautiful 1,110 hectare park about an hour outside of downtown Vancouver, which is located northeast of the meeting of Burrard Inlet with Indian Arm. This location is ideal for some great shots with you and your loved one with various outdoor shots.

You can see from these photo that the couple are on a rock perched at the beginning of Sasamat Lake. It's a tranquil moment between the couple captured in this location.


2. Iona Beach in Richmond

This stunning beach is located a short distance north of the Vancouver International Airport, which is an area with a long skinny area of grass and sand at the mouth of the Fraser River. This location is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver with easy access to transit. In this photo you see the couple surrounded by birds with a forest and grey clouds in the background.


3. Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

This park is one of the most popular and stunning parks in Metro Vancouver, which is along the shores of West Vancouver. Lighthouse Park has the largest collection of Douglas Fir trees in the region along with the views of the water. The couple are sharing a tender moment in front of the iconic breath-taking waters of the North Shore.


4. Lynn Valley in North Vancouver

This location is an area nestled between the slopes of Mount Fromme and Mount Seymour with ideal natural settings for engagement photos. This park is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. There are suspension bridges that will make a perfect location such as this couple standing on one.


"Having recently gone through my own wedding adventure, I can definitely understand how each one is such a whirlwind of emotion, joy and memories. As a photographer, it is my job to capture those memories for you to cherish," said West Vancouver-Based wedding photographer Clint Bargen.

5. Cleveland Dam Trial in North Vancouver

The dam, which was built in 1954, blocks the Capilano Lake which supplies fresh water for all of the region. The dam is part of a park that provides exceptional views for wedding or engagement photos. This park allows for some quiet moments in nature to show a few special moments with this couple.


6. Coal Harbour in the fall in downtown Vancouver

This location is minutes away from anywhere in the downtown core so it would be a quick location to grab a few shots for your engagement or wedding photoshoot. This area is known for the glass and high end apartment buildings with green space nestled into the concrete haven.


7. Crescent Beach in Surrey

This location is filled with both nature and beach scene that make it ideal for any wedding or engagement photos. If you love the oceans of the Metro Vancouver region but do not want to travel down to downtown Vancouver then this is the perfect location for anyone in the Fraser Valley.

Crescent Beach also allows you to see Point Roberts and other iconic views of the Metro Vancouver area.


8. Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

This location is a 130-acre municipal park located a short distance from downtown Vancouver and is situated on Little Mountain. If you would like your photos in the midst of gardens and beautiful green space then pick this spot. It will combine the delicious smells and sites of gardens that are often difficult to find in Vancouver.


9. Hycroft Manor in South Granville, Vancouver

This historic mansion was built and housed the residence of a General who constructed the building for his family. In the 1940s it became a veterans hospital for a few decades until a group of women took it over to make it the location of the University Women's Club. This location has gardens, historic venue and delightful views of English Bay and downtown Vancouver. This is my favourite location and the location of my wedding. I would highly recommend this venue for photos but you need to call ahead prior to doing so.


Your wedding and engagement photos must always reflect you as a couple so these are just suggestions for your to consider. Don't forget to share our wishes with your photographer.

"A wedding is an incredible way to express your unique qualities as a couple and to highlight the special journey that you are on. I want to showcase your diversity, and maybe have a few good laughs along the way," concluded Vancouver-Based wedding photographer Clint Bargen.

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