11/20/2015 05:32 EST | Updated 11/20/2016 05:12 EST

What Your Hotel 'Do Not Disturb' Sign Says About You

Nothing says that your hotel staff "understands you" better than a little bit of humour, and found the most hilarious, dirty, and occasionally disturbing hotel Do Not Disturb signs that will make getting your bed made or having a lazy morning in bed that much more enjoyable.

Which "Do Not Disturb" sign would you hang on your door?

High Achiever? Or Just an Average Morning in Berlin

Michelberger Hotel - Berlin, Germany

(c) Joanna Penn

Party Like a Rock Star

Hard Rock Hotel Bali - Bali, Indonesia

(c) paupau1881

Lonely, & Looking For Love?

The Student Hotel - Amsterdam, Netherlands

(c) essinouette

Growing Up Is SO Over-Rated

Harrah's Las Vegas & Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada

(c) Derick Van Ness

Bloodthirsty, But Effective

Kaboom Hotel - Maastricht, Netherlands

(c) Larissa Hoogland

Is It Best to Rule The World Before or After Room Service?

Hotel Streym - Faroe Islands

(c) Peter E. Elleson

Is it the Morning After Already?

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - Berlin, Germany

(c) MPunkt

Just Pick an Excuse & Move Along

Hotel Kong Arthur - Copenhagen, Denmark

(c) Le Marché aux Étoiles

Not Quite Ready to be on Display

citizenM - Amsterdam, Netherlands

(c) cs_listens

An Introvert's Final Appeal

Embassy Suites West Palm Beach - West Palm Beach, Florida

(c) Quinn Dombrowski

Daydreaming the Day Away

Islandair Hotel Klaustur - Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Iceland

(c) Kimberly O'Farrell

Surrendering to Artistic Temptations & Temperament

Volkshotel - Amsterdam, Netherlands

(c) Alexey Buistov

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