03/26/2015 08:38 EDT | Updated 05/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Travelling Through the Lens of Canada's Top Instagrammers

Chad Springer via Getty Images

It's safe to say this year's winter definitely had us looking forward to spring! We may have theoretically passed that long-awaited first day of spring, but in Canada, Mother Nature doesn't seem to be ready to give up with grace. To beat back our late winter blues, rounded up top Canadian Instagrammers who've been capturing the beauty of Canada and the rest of the world, whatever the season.

These Instagrammers not only help us forget how harsh our winters can be with beautiful shots of Canada's snowy landscapes, but also inspire us to travel to new places around the globe with their recommendations of where to stock up on sunlight! It's officially time to start planning your liberation from the cold!

Rishad Daroo (@freerishad) - 72.7k followers


Winter home: Vancouver, British Columbia

Summer escape: "To break the cold spell, this past winter I spent some time in Vietnam. The culture, food, and photographic opportunities are equally impressive. This image was taken in Halong Bay the Quảng Ninh Province of Vietnam." - Rishad

Jeff Frenette (@dezjeff) - 42.1k followers


Winter home: Québec-City, Québec

Summer escape:"As for my favourite place to escape the winter, I didn't get to choose Hawaii, Hawaii chose me! I had the opportunity to be on a one week press trip to cover food and adventure on Maui!" - Jeff

Scott Bakken (@scottcbakken) - 124k followers


Winter home: Emerald lake, British Columbia

Summer escape:"This (right side) was taken by myself last week in San Diego and would say that is my favourite summer spot!! San Diego offers it all. Sunny days, beautiful beaches and great community. It's a city that is easily enjoyed without the stress of congested traffic. It's an amazing place to enjoy it all!" - Scott

Callum Snape (@calsnape) - 126k followers


Winter home: Peyto Lake, Alberta

Summer escape:"My favourite place to travel in the summer is Tofino, British Columbia. Exploring the starfish filled shores of Chesterman Beach as the Earth's Shadow fades away in the distance taking the moon with it." - Callum

TonoAriki (@tonoariki) - 65.7k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"My favourite winter getaway destinations are Krabi and Koh Samui in Thailand. Friendly people and relax pace." - Rajeshta (TonoAriki)

Victor Cheng (@veeceecheng) - 38.2k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"Hong Kong. Where can I start? It's obviously the most photogenic city in the world for the Instagrammers. With the convenience of the efficient transportation methods, you can basically discover the city on your own without any tour guides. That being said, I recommend anyone who has not been to Hong Kong to start thinking about it as your next travel destination!" - Victor

Ali (@inayali) - 59.4k followers


Winter home: Montréal, Québec

Summer escape:"That photo (right side) was taken at Cleveland Dam. I loved that area, because it's very peaceful, beautiful but also accessible! It's half an hour bus ride from Vancouver and you can go there with your friends to take a walk in the forest around." - Ali

Taha Muharuma (@tahaphoto) - 31.7k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"Travelling to Italy exposed me to the kind of beauty that literally stops you in your tracks. When you add food, drink and history to these views, the experience is second to none." - Taha

Alen Palander (@alenpalander) - 45.4k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"Barcelona, Spain is by far one of my favourite places to visit when I want to escape Canada's harsh winter. I helped create and instruct an international architecture program in Barcelona for four years now. This program has induced my appreciation for travel as well as my love for Barcelona." - Alen

Dan Lum (@dudelum) - 60k followers


Winter home: Buntzen Lake, British Columbia

Summer escape:"As for my favourite destination, there are so many places I haven't been to yet. One place that I've spent the past few summers is in San Francisco. There are many incredible locations in the SF Bay Area to explore and photograph. One place that consistently delivers is Mt. Tamalpais across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County." - Dan

Rose (@gummything) - 27.9k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"If it wasn't so far away, I'd visit Japan often, any time of the year. The culture is so inspiring, there are endless places to explore, and so much to photograph. I love the Tokyo vibe in particular. That city makes me feel like I've been transported both into the future and the past, especially when walking through Harajuku and visiting ancient temples nearby." - Rose

Maurice Li (@maurice) - 105k followers


Winter beauty: Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

Summer escape:"I love traveling to Hong Kong because of the vibrant culture, fantastic food, and jaw-dropping architecture. One of my favourite things about the densely packed city is its close proximity to nature in the form of parks, islands, and beaches. The incredible mixture of people, city and nature makes Hong Kong a photographer's dream." - Maurice

Jongsun Park (@jongsunpark_) - 62.9k followers


Winter home: Buntzen Lake, British Columbia

Summer escape:"I have my favourite getaway place in Vancouver for summer time. This is photo of my backpacking trip to Garibaldi lake this summer. I just love jumping on the freezing glacier lake in hot summer days." - Jongsun

SoTeeoh (@soteeoh) - 30.8k followers


Winter home: Toronto, Ontario

Summer escape:"The National Parks in Alberta have some of the most breath taking views I have ever seen so even though its relatively close to home, that's a must-visit spot in my opinion." - SoTeeOh

Lori Andrews (@theoriginal10cent) - 19.6k followers


Winter home:Banff, Alberta

Summer escape:"My favourite escape from the cold is Palm Springs! It's only two hours away by air and I love the desert and especially Joshua Tree national park." - Lori

Jeff Bartlett (@photojbartlett) - 84.9k followers


Winter home: Athabasca Falls, Alberta

Summer escape:"As an avid skier, I rarely try to escape the cold. Even in the summer time, I use the favourable weather to venture closer to the earth's poles into what are often considered extreme climates. I was just in Iceland for the first time and I will definitely make a return visit. That country is spectacular!" - Jeff

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