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How You Can Make A Difference In The World

The word "legacy" can mean different things to different people. To some, it means passing on wealth to their children. To others, it means ensuring their name lives on. In the end, leaving a legacy all comes down to being remembered, to making sure our lives counted for something that won't soon be forgotten. Here are five ways you can be remembered.


Five ways to leave a legacy:

1. Serve others: Most of us are luckier than we realize. We have a house to sleep in, food on our plates, and friends and family to pass the time with. Take the time to count your blessings and you may just find a bit more time to share that richness with others less fortunate than you. Whether it's volunteering at a local hospital or community organization, or even something simpler like smiling at a stranger on the street, you never know just how big an impact your actions could have on others.

2. Mentor someone: There are few better ways to be remembered than by passing on your knowledge and experience to others. By sharing what you know and what you have been through to the next generation, you'll not only be remembered by those you mentor, but you'll be helping them achieve their own dreams. Supporting others on their road to success is one of the best ways to leave a lasting legacy.

3. Support causes you care about: Donating to a cause that you're passionate about is a sure fire way to leaving a lasting impact on others. For instance, if you care about children, supporting organizations like UNICEF that work to help the most vulnerable children survive and thrive is a great way to continue giving back even once you're gone. By leaving a gift in your will, you can celebrate your life by knowing you will be helping children caught up in conflict, disaster, or poverty have the chance at a better life. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Create results: It's never too late to pursue your passion, to strive for your own success. When you build something that matters, something that works, something that helps society -- when you create results -- those results live on well after you're gone. Provide value to the people around you and your contributions will make a difference in the world.


5. Leave no regrets: When you think of those who have already passed on, who do you think of? Is it those people who were so afraid of making a mistake that they never took a chance at something new? Or is it the people who took risks, who pursued every passion, who left no stone unturned during their life that stand out? Be one of those people. Live with passion and leave no regrets. Your legacy will speak for itself.

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