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Canada's 10 Most Amazing Sounds

An elderly person with a hearing aid.

Connect Hearing, Canada's largest network of hearing-health clinics, wants 2013 to be the year that Canadians focus on their hearing health. As part of that effort, the company's director of professional practice, MJ DeSousa, offers her top 10 amazing sounds in the country exclusively to

At Connect Hearing, I deal with clients who are often rejuvenated when their hearing is improved through treatment or prescription of a listening device. Once sounds they missed have returned, they can turn emotional. Their experiences have made me wonder what sounds I would long to listen to again if my own hearing was damaged. Besides the sounds related to friends and family, there are natural and man-made forms of ear candy that I know I wouldn't want to do without. In Canada, we have an abundance of special sounds from across the country.

These ones, I believe, are the 10 Most Amazing Sounds in Canada.

1. Niagara Falls

Waterfalls command your attention, in part because you hear them much earlier than you see them. In the case of Niagara Falls, the sound created is nature's equivalent of a lion's roar.

2. Whales and Killer Whales on the West Coast

We call it whale watching, but it may as well be whale listening. It's our ears that often pick up the presence of these fascinating creatures a second or so before our eyes clue in.

3. Thunder in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, the big skies are riveting, especially during a storm, when you can see lightning approaching from far in the distance and listen to the thunder as it rolls close.

4. Cheers at NHL Arenas in Seven Cities

With the NHL lockout finally over, fans in Canada's seven NHL cities are once more enjoying the sound of rooting for the home team.

5. Moose Calls

Moose are among our nation's symbols and their call -- a loud, throaty grunt like a diesel engine -- are one of our most precious and distinct sounds. How many moose are there in Canada?

6. Songbirds in Point Pelee National Park

Song sparrows are among the bird's whose calls are adored by bird lovers and anyone who revels being out in nature.

7. Screech-in Ceremonies in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, the screech-in ceremony is a hilarious rite of passage for any visitor. What does it involve? Click here to find out.

8. Sounds of Quebec Carnival

The annual Quebec Carnival is one fun time -- and not something you could enjoy to its fullest if your hearing was compromised.

9. Fireworks in Vancouver

The sight of pyrotechnics wouldn't be complete without the snap or crackle when they go off -- not to mention the whirr of anticipation just before they explode. While you should wear earplugs when you watch fireworks, you should still make sure you catch the noise they make. It's part of the excitement!

10. The National Anthem

O, Canada! makes us remember our place in the world and contributes to the identity of each of us. Hearing it, no matter where the setting, reminds us of that fact and of the amazing things this country offers.

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By: MJ DeSousa