09/16/2011 10:17 EDT | Updated 11/16/2011 05:12 EST

Madonna Is No Goddess


I have some really bad news and I know many people are going to be devastated about it. But I feel, in light of recent events, it is only right to bring something to the attention of all the star-struck fools who have been hitting the Toronto streets this past week, desperate for a glimpse of their favorite celebrity in town for the Toronto International Film Festival. Ok, here it goes....

Stars are just people.

If you think that they are better then anyone else or reserve the right to treat anyone less than a human being, then you are an idiot.

The latest news from TIFF has been the issue as to whether or not Madonna asked eight volunteers to face the wall backstage as she walked past to get to a press conference where she would be discussing the premiere of her new movie, W.E.

The Globe and Mail published the story on Sept. 13 and it spread across the Internet like wildfire. I, myself, was absolutely disgusted. I threw it out to Twitter to see what the general response was.

While many seemed to agree that her alleged behavior was completely out of line, there were also people who responded by saying that they wouldn't expect anything less. "It's Madonna, she's a GODDESS" one even said.

Well, no, no she isn't. She is a pop star, and a very successful one. If she thinks that the volunteers who are offering their time to help make the Toronto International Film Festival a success are beneath her, well, she is just a bitch.

Madonna's publicists quickly sent out a press release saying that the material girl made no such request and was in fact, very appreciative of the efforts of everyone at the festival, including the volunteers.

Too little too late, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if Madonna made the absurd request or not, but the fact of the matter is it never should have happened in the first place. A well-worded press release from a highly paid publicist doesn't fool me.

I guarantee that at least one of those volunteers is thinking to him or herself "Why did I even do that? What was I thinking?" Don't worry. This is a situation where one can rightfully claim temporary insanity, as the request is so bizarre, I'd be willing to bet some of them thought it was a joke.

My only suggestion is next time, make sure you are getting at least minimum wage to be treated less than human. This way you can afford a pint at the local pub to help wash away the feelings of shame and degradation that come with being treated like a lower entity.

Seriously, though. For those of you who think that this behavior is acceptable, give your head a shake. Celebrities are no better than any other human being out there. The volunteers at the Toronto International Film festival work hard, and while the stars are in the movies, without the volunteers, there would be no festival.