06/10/2013 07:18 EDT | Updated 08/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Time to Celebrate the Grey Community

In this age of transitions, where the gay community is being accepted and valued more and more, I would like to put in a word for the grey community -- our seniors.

We are all around you and welcome the respect and affection that speaks to our value in the community.

While "the young and the restless" dominate our TV screens, let's not forget the beauty to be found in silver hair, the wisdom in a life of experience and the joy and laughter to be shared from a life well lived -- all this, and many of us are still pretty darn good-looking, to boot.

In a recent conversation with a delightful elder, we discussed how time will write an interesting story upon the blank page of a charming enthusiastic young face, adding lines of experience and wisdom as we age. How comforting it can be to share the gifts of one's life experiences -- joys and sorrows -- that so fully express our humanity.

It is often there for all to see, right on the lovely face of one who is aging.

Our world moves faster every day and our young people and children rush right along with it.

Do you know how pleasant it is to slow down once in a while to enjoy some quiet with a senior?

Don't for a minute think that those seniors have bowed out, either.

Rather, say they have discovered a balance, for most seniors know how to invite their soul once in a while. Life lessons have taught us that.

Ever hear of the Raging Grannies who trek about North America, confronting wrongs and political ills with humour and grace? They are certainly not sitting at home in a rocking chair.

I have a friend in his 70s who still runs in marathons and others who still hike and climb the Rocky Mountains. This year, raising funds for the Alberta Wildlife Association, the oldest person to climb the stairs to the top of the Calgary Tower was a friend of mine in his 80s. Think the old folks just sit around? Not so. Most of us are very busy living our life to the fullest of our abilities.

There is an old image of Boy Scouts helping little old ladies and men across the street. Perhaps that is not a bad idea sometimes, but I suggest that, more often than not, those little old ladies and men are very busy helping the family raise that Boy Scout, filling in and cheering them on when parents cannot be there. Life is a continuation of all things.

Seniors are definitely out there -- the sassy ones, the quiet ones, vigorous or gentle, funny or serious. We are out there. Look for us.

We are The Grey Community and seniors rock.