01/16/2014 12:14 EST | Updated 03/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Tone Your Abs While Stuck in Traffic

Well what else would you rather be doing while stuck in traffic or while standing at Starbucks behind a 10 person line up?

How about an exercise that will tone and target your most inner ab muscle called the TVA?


I am warning you, this exercise won't burn off fat. Instead it will strengthen and tighten your waist so that when you do lose the fat, your waist will appear smaller.

Plus it will make your abs much stronger so that you can do other ab exercises and really make your abs peek through!

Convinced yet?

Here is how you do this exercise.

Step 1: Fill up your belly with air.

Step 2: Breathe out and pull your belly button inward and hold for 10 counts. Be careful not to hold your breath in. If you can't seem to do this without holding your breath, keep trying, it is all a matter of making that connection between your brain and the muscle.

Step 3: Release and relax for a second.

Step 4: Repeat a few more times.

This is also a great exercise if you have a weak low back or stretched abs after a baby.

Now lets talk about burning off body fat so that you can show off all your hard work!

For this, you need to do a combination of resistance training exercises and cardio. Not just one, but a combination of many of them from all sorts of angles.

So go ahead, try this and keep your regular exercise routine going.


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