01/29/2014 12:33 EST | Updated 03/31/2014 05:59 EDT

If You Hate Cardio, Try These 3 Sly Ways to Fit it in

Cardio is soooo boring! And if you hate it, I don't blame you!

I know very few people who actually enjoy it and most of the time it's the people that are either using the elliptical trainer or using any other cardio machine at the gym. The only people that seem to really enjoy it are runners and most people that play sports outside. That's just my observation.

But, if you are looking to burn off some fat and work your heart then cardio is essential. So you gotta do it somehow.

Here are some suggestions for you to squeeze it in without too much mental battle while reaping the benefits.

3 x 10 Minutes

Do 10 minutes of cardio on three different machines. So start with 10 minutes on the treadmill, then jump on the elliptical trainer for another 10 minutes and finally finish off on the bike for a final 10. Not too bad right? That's like three songs on each machine.

6 x 5 Minutes

Do six five-minute cardio intervals in between your weights. For this you can do a set of exercises. Let's say lunges, pushups then bicep curls. Then walk over to the treadmill and jog lightly for 5 minutes. Then go back to your exercises and do another three exercises and go back to the treadmill again for another five minutes.

1 Cardio Exercise Following a Toning Exercise

Add a heart pumping exercise after each resistance exercise. For example, do 20 reps of squats and follow that by 10 jump squats. Your heart rate will be elevated throughout the entire workout that way you will burn off the max amount of calories possible. This one is a bit more challenging so make sure that you can handle this before going for it.

Not too bad huh? OK, now don't contemplate it too much. Just put your earphones on with some good music and go for a great workout. You will feel great afterwards.


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