10/18/2013 12:36 EDT | Updated 12/18/2013 05:12 EST

Lose Weight More Efficiently With These 3 Changes

If you talk to any of my clients they will probably tell you that I am pushy and all about efficiency.

Although my Chatty-Gabby clients prefer getting long breaks so that they can tell me about the latest in their life, they like their results much more! So yes, I push them!

We end up spending less time gossiping and a little more time working out.

One of my clients is prepping for a wedding and we wanted to get rid of weight fast. Here is how we dropped 20lbs so far:


You want to warm up for at least five minutes. This will get your body revved up and will set you up to burn a good amount of energy (calories). If you are at home you can do a combination of jumping jacks, burpees (careful these are tough), knee lifts or just jog in place. If you are at the gym then use any of the cardio machines. Always start slow and build up.


Deadly! Least preferred. But super effective. Not only does your heart go through the roof, it's also tough on the muscle. You get that burn feeling especially when you get to the top of the stairs. Oh my! Not only are your quads and hamstrings involved but your glutes will work super hard as well. But as you can imagine you will get an awesome workout. Start slow and build up to it. If you are just starting out, don't think about running up the stairs just yet. Give yourself a goal of getting there in a month or two depending on your level. If you don't have a set of stairs near by then use a step or a low bench.


Sorry, you will not love this one either but in all honestly if you add sprints between your weight exercises then watch your body change. Not only will you be toning your body right up but you will also be trimming the fat off your thighs. Now a sprint doesn't mean you have to be comparable to an Olympic Sprinter. It just means that you are running slightly faster than your normal pace.

I hope I haven't scared you off because truly what I want you to do is focus on what you can do right now. Then build up from there slowly.

There is no need to do more than your body can handle but if you do a little bit here and there you will notice that over time your body will get stronger and you will be able to do so much more!

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