03/11/2014 10:17 EDT | Updated 05/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Don't Worry About That Box of Cookies You Just Ate

You start your day right.

Wake up. Shower. Make up. Get dressed.

Eat breakfast.

Arrive at work. Work.

Do a lunch workout. Then Lunch. Feel great so far.

Go home. Feeling hungry.

Have a nice dinner. You did great today.

Relax. Make a tea.

Still in the mood for something sweet.

Revisit the kitchen. Open a brand new box of cookies. Just one.

Tastes soooo good!

Well, now that it's open. You reach for another...

..2, 4...then 6 cookies later you finally put the box away.

But instead of feeling happy, you feel crappy!

How did that just happen? You feel so bad because you did everything right all day and now you feel like you screwed it up!

Your diet is ruined and you feel fat once again.

You know what? You are not alone.

As a trainer I have heard this many many many times. One tiny slip up and you think that everything that you worked for is thrown away!

You are ready to deep dive into bowl of ice-cream because really, it's all over now....


Just take a step back. Do you realistically think that 350 calories worth of cookies just went straight to your hips and got cozy in your fat cells?

No, your body doesn't metabolize food that fast!

All that is happening right now is that your blood sugar is raised like a 7 year old who just had too many Nutella Sandwiches.

And you didn't throw away anything you've worked for. Think about it. Did you lift weights today? Likely you have revved up your metabolism and you are burning off those cookies right now sitting down. Or if you spent your lunch hour doing cardio then you gave your heart a workout and are building endurance.

So no workout is ever a waste. And no clean eating is ever useless.

There is just one thing to say -- don't worry about it.

It's not a big deal really. If it happens once in a while, that is okay. It only becomes a problem if it happens all the time.

But I can imagine that deep down inside you still feel guilty so here is something that always works to get rid of that guilt. Tomorrow, wake up extra early and do a quick workout before work. You will instantly feel better and the cookies will be long gone. :)