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A Blank Canvas

Terrifying to the blocked artist while full of possibilities to the creative mind, what emotion does a blank canvas bring within you?

Terrifying to the blocked artist while full of possibilities to the creative mind, what emotion does a blank canvas bring within you?

Our modern generation is accustomed to information that directs us through our lives; from textbooks to encyclopedias to road maps, there is a guide for everything and anything. In this society full of information the value of a blank page is rather negligible. A blank page is seen to be deprived of information, lacking intelligence rather than a source of infinite possibilities.

But to me, it couldn't get better than a blank page, it gives you the opportunity to start fresh, all over again with no restrictions or limitations. It lets you create whatever your heart desires with no rules to abide by.

Then why does our generation approach a blank canvas with caution? Why do we dread not knowing what lies ahead? Why is an unplanned life seen through a criticizing eye? Why does uncertainty intimidate us? Whether it is a wordless page or an unplanned tomorrow, why are we so terrified of having the uttermost freedom?

The benefits of starting with nothing at all are numerous and the way one utilizes this freedom is a personal choice. A blank page could represent simplicity, nothingness and contentment. One might choose not to write anything at all but rather ponder and feel the moment instead. No words need to be written, just the experience itself and the purpose of the blank page will be fulfilled. On the hand a cup of steaming tea and a blank page can be the recipe for generating ideas from thin air.

A blank page could also be used as a secret doorway to venture within, when you choose to write to yourself. One can tap into thoughts they never knew they had, desires they pretended they never heard and recollect memories that were long forgotten. It is like opening a treasure chest full of personalized information that was long lost within. A blank canvas can help identify your deepest desires, come to terms with your most dreaded fears and also teach you to listen and be in-sync with your innate self. Isn't it nice for the worldly you to be on the same page as the soulful you?

Have you tried using a blank page to let go of anger, frustration or regret? Sometimes all that needs to be done is the physical act of releasing your thoughts and feelings. Write to yourself, let the words speak to you in return and help you to physically let go of the past and free your mind of the negativity. A blank slate is the easiest way to let the act of starting over transform from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind and therefore make the transition more real.

A blank page is simply a symbol of uttermost creative freedom. It is the sea of infinite possibilities and also the summit to the quest of the God's. It is life without boundaries, the journey into the unknown. A writer can use a blank page to grasp the freedom of the birds with the speed of the jaguars and create a story of the magical land one word at a time. With every stroke of the brush, a painter can bring to life mystical creatures giving them the opportunity to live through him. It is the blank page itself that allows the universe to reveal itself through you, their most precious medium, without whom the whispers of the gods, the songs of the river, the pride of the mountains and the presence of the wind, all would remain unheard.

Remember that no rules or limitations exist and you do not need road maps to guide you through this journey. Let your hearts guide your path and help you create the scenery right for you, one brushstroke at a time.

Listen. Experience. Create.

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