12/06/2012 07:39 EST | Updated 02/04/2013 05:12 EST

Calgary-Built Phone App, Remixes, Will Enhance Your Digital Music Experience

Save the ones you love and share them with friends.

Calgary technology trailblazers Decoder has introduced Remixes, a free iOS app that makes it easy for music lovers to find and listen to remixes and covers of the songs in their music libraries. Users select a song and the app searches SoundCloud for available remixes and covers. Users can save the tracks they like by adding them to a favorites list and easily share individual songs with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email. And, with Remixes Radio, they can listen to a random playlist of remixes based on all the music in their library.

"SoundCloud is a great resource for remixes of popular music," explains Decoder president Tim Nakamura. "With so many tracks available to explore, this app offers users a convenient way to quickly find remixes that are personalized to individual music tastes."

While Remixes is ideal for electronic dance music fans looking to expand their library, it also opens a door for fans of all types of music to discover new interpretations of their favorite songs.

Calgary-based Decoder builds mobile device and tablet products for cutting- edge startups and businesses across North America. Decoder also creates its own products and partners with Uppercut - a creative agency - for user experience, design, copy, and marketing.

Remixes is now available for download in the App Store.

Want to know more about the minds behind this cool app? Find the Decoder team at @DecoderHQ, Facebook or