02/05/2013 04:47 EST | Updated 04/06/2013 05:12 EDT

The Natural Governing Party of Alberta Goes On, Unperturbed by $60,000+ of Prohibited Donations

The political process in Alberta is broken.

To have influence, to get government contracts, or to lobby government, the pathways are limited to a single path: join the Progressive Conservatives.

That is the perversion that has befallen the province of Alberta.

In a time and place where government and politicians ought to serve people what has gone on is the opposite -- organizations, tax papers, and prohibited organizations are asked for funds to support the Progressive Conservatives. They are told to have influence they must contribute to the Tories and that influence on policy only happens with political affiliation.

For donations running into the thousands Elections Alberta has settled with fines to some donors of $18.75. As one commenter sarcastically writes on a CBC article "Yeah, that'll teach 'em." Although that $18.75 fine was for a $75 donation, it will be fined against the donor -- not the party -- and the other fines are also relatively as light.

Still, it'll teach the natural governing party of Alberta no lessons, and the individuals at play in the Progressive Conservative government no reprimand or cause for pause. There will be no fines to the Progressive Conservatives, although the Elections Alberta Chief is still investigating whether or not the Progressive Conservatives pushed for donations from prohibited groups (which, arguably, they did).

The Progressive Conservatives have paid back some $20,000 already with another $40,000 being 'voluntarily' asked by the chief electoral officer to also be paid back. A leaked phone conference has the party stating quite clearly it is going to refuse to even pay back that $40,000 in illicit donations. And the first problem the Progressive Conservatives had with that leak was that it was leaked, and not the shocking disregard for the public's interest in their activities.

One thing that you can see as bright as day is that the Progressive Conservatives protect their own.

Sadly, they're just not as interested in protecting the public or the public's purse.