04/11/2012 12:18 EDT | Updated 06/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Change My Mind: Should Big Boys Cry?

Did Bubba Watson embarrass the male sex by getting all weepy after he won the PGA Masters 2012? As reported on Huffpost (where you can also watch the video of Bubba blubbering):

Rather than let out a defiant sequence of yells like Tiger Woods did after winning at Bay Hill recently, Bubba Watson's reaction to winning the 2012 Masters was tender and poignant.

After sinking his second putt on the 10th green to win the playoff against Louis Oosthuizen, Watson bent down to pick up his keepsake from the cup. By the time he had risen, his eyes were watery with tears. He turned into an embrace with his caddie Ted Scott, his shoulders heaving with his emotion. While he shared that moment with Scott, Watson's mother came trotting out onto the green. The pair shared another touching moment.

For our ongoing debate series, "Change My Mind," we've asked two Huffpost contributors to duke it out, in a gentlemanly way, as to whether this scene creeped them out -- or if they welcomed this show of male tears. Who do you agree with?